Monday, June 30, 2008

Want to Prevent Wrinkles?

(Source: Shape Magazine Singapore, May 2008 issue)

Stop squinting! This repetitive action will give you fine lines between your eyes sooner than you know it. If you have trouble seeing clearly, visit your nearest optical store for a pair of glasses. And put on a pair of shades if you're going to be out in the sun.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Botak Jones Stall at Yishun :>

I was so happy that Botak Jones has opened a new branch in Yishun and its near my mum's place! Haha now i can go there regularly for my favourite Fish and Chips. I had its Fish and Chips today for lunch and it was delicious! For those living in Yishun or Sembawang like me, you can now go to the Botak Jones branch located in the coffeeshop at Blk 732 Yishun Avenue, S(760732). The branch opens everyday from 11:30 am till 10:00 pm (last orders).


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lunch at Bishan Junction 8 Newly Renovated Foodcourt

Omelette Rice stall

Omelette Rice (Sausage & Cabbage) set $6.90 with curry sauce

Chicken Cutlet Set $7.50

Monday, June 23, 2008

Foods That Fight Afternoon Slumps


When the afternoon blahs leave us slumped over our desks like an unwatered houseplant, most of us reach for a supersized vat of coffee and/or a calorie-packed sugar snack. There are much better options, whether you need a quick lift to keep you from nodding off in a meeting or something to keep you going for hours.

WATER: Sometimes what feels like fatigue is just dehydration (often made worse by too much coffee). Drink 8 ounces of water, take a quick walk around the block or the parking lot (fresh air is an energy booster, too), and then down another 8 ounces when you get back.

WATERMELON: Like cookies and candy, watermelon is high in sugar, which metabolizes quickly, which gives you a rush. But watermelon's way healthier: Instead of guilt, you get fiber, a hit of vitamins A and C, plus all that fresh, juicy flavor for almost no calories (fewer than 50 a cup). To make your new zip last longer, eat it with some protein and a little fat -- as in low-fat cottage cheese or a fistful of sunflower seeds.

BRAZIL NUTS: They're off the charts in mood-lifting selenium and strong in fatigue-fighting magnesium. Just six of these nuts give you 4 grams of protein and some healthy plant fats, a combo that will keep you going far longer than you'd think.

A MEXICAN BAKED POTATO: Spuds are high on the glycemic index -- that is, they give blood sugar a quick boost -- which is bad for people with diabetes but good in moderate doses for other people in need of an energy surge. Heap on some salsa and top with a dollop of low-fat sour cream to enhance the effect. Spicy foods are stimulating, and hot peppers wake up more than your taste buds.

A FEW DRIED DATES: They were traditionally used in the Sahara to provide quick energy to camels. Like potatoes, dates are a high glycemic snack, but rich in minerals, too -- especially potassium. Split the dates and fill with a tad of low-fat cream cheese to slow the sugar absorption.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Me and Mr Darcy-Alexandra Potter

I have just finished reading this funny, romantic and feel-good novel and would highly recommend it to fellow lovers of Jane Austen's book "Pride and Prejudice". "Me and Mr Darcy" is like a modern day "Pride and Prejudice" story and i had alot of fun reading the novel and following the main character of the story Emily Albright through her search for her real "Mr Darcy".

The writer of the novel, Alexandra Potter did a great job exploring what happens when a 29-year-old bookstore manager, Emily and Jane Austen fan comes face to face with her Mr. Darcy. Emily, a 29 year old single woman has been on a series of bad dates. So many, in fact, that she has sworn off men. She'd rather curl up with "Pride and Prejudice" and step into a time where men were honourable and strode across fields in breeches, their damp shirts clinging to their chests. The men she meets are more into pleated trousers, two-timing and internet porn. After all no one can compete with her first love - Mr Darcy.

Around the same time her best friend Stella decides to head off for a girls weekend in Mexico filled with Margaritas and men and begs Emily to join her. Emily is not interested and to get out of saying yes impulsively books herself of a Jane Austen tour of England. What better way to enjoy her time then to spend it visiting the haunts of her favorite author with a group of like minded women? But when she signs up for for the trip, she finds love in the most unexpected ways.

On the tour bus, she meets Spike Hargreaves, a man who couldn’t be more dissimilar to her ideal man, Mr. Darcy. Spike is writing an article on Mr. Darcy, of Pride and Prejudice fame, examining why he’s the object of so many women’s affection. Spike has a lot to learn. Emily is disgusted at the Brit’s lack of manners, fashion or tact – she overhears him telling a friend that she’s dull and average looking – and tells him so on several occasions.

So when she encounters a dark and brooding fellow during a tour of Jane Austen’s home, she can’t believe her eyes. She has come face to face with the real Mr. Darcy! Suddenly her fantasy is reality, as she gets to know the brooding and handsome Mr. Darcy and the charming world in which he lives, which consists of moonlight horseback rides, poetry, and flowers. Unfortunately, it also includes an old-fashioned view on women and their role in society and a formality that Emily struggles to understand.

At the heart of the book, Emily must decide whether her fantasy is one that she really does want to live, or if her idealized view of men by way of Mr. Darcy is indeed too good to be true.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Korean Drama - I Love You (我爱你/Saranghae)

Another new Korean SBS drama that i'm looking forward to watching is "I Love You/ 我爱你/Saranghae" (16 episodes)which was broadcasted in Korea from 7 April 2008 to 27 May2008. This drama is based on a popular manga of cartoonist Huh Young Man. The drama is produced by Lee Chang Han, who also produced “A Wonderful Life” and “She Is Nineteen". My favourite actor Ahn Jae Wook is also starring in the drama and it has been awhile since i watched his drama "Mr Goodbye".

The main characters of this drama Ahn Jae Wook (Oh Pil Seung Bong Soon Young, Mr Goodbye) and Seo Ji Hye (Over the Rainbow) is a somewhat mismatched pairing — he’s 36, she’s 23 — although the unlikeliness of the couple is part of the point. Her naive 21-year-old bank employee character Ng Young Hee meets his 35-year-old comic-book-writer character Suk Chul Soo on the subway, and mistakes his behavior for harassment. Thus begins their relationship, which becomes more complicated when she is pregnant and he’s less than thrilled about it.

Also starring in the drama are Hwan Hee of pop ballad duo Fly to the Sky in his second acting gig as Park Byung Ho who’ll be paired with new actress Park Hye Young who stars as Lee Young Hee , as well as Gong Hyung Jin who acts as philandering lawyer husband Do Min Ho and actress Jo Mi Ryung as his long-suffering wife and Ng Young Hee's elder sister, Na Jin Hee.

This is a romance comedy drama that tells the story of a couple who just had a baby because of a one night stand. It will portray the modern generation’s view on love and marriage as well as the responsibility of raising a child. Park Byung Ho was thoughtless and threw away his child for a better income and life who later regrets this and learns to love.


Korean Drama "Spotlight" Pushed Down to Last Place and Sudden Change of Screenwriter

I was surfing the net for informations about the Korean Drama "Spotlight" that i'm watching currently and found online that MBC’s “Spotlight” was overtaken by “Women of The Sun” in yesterday’s airing. The viewership rating of “Spotlight” dropped to 8.5% while “Women of The Sun” rose to 10.3% according to TNS Media .

This came as a surprise as it is the first time “Spotlight” took the last place in the wed/thurs drama war in Korea after maintaining the second spot for a long time. It seems like the change in screenwriter did affect the plot and hence results in this drop. The rumor goes that director Kim Do Hoon and screenwriter Lee Ki Won had several disagreements with each other on how the plot of Spotlight should continue. The low TV rating of this drama is also another reason why he was removed.

Screenwriter Lee will be replaced by the assistant screenwriter of “Dae Jang Geum” and screenwriter of “Life Special Investigation Team”. They will be writing the plot from episode 9 onwards. The reason for the disagreement seems to be that director Kim wanted to add in more love elements to the drama while Lee wanted to stick with the initial plan, which is to focus on the life of a reporter.

I have watched the drama till episode 10 and feels that it is a pity that the drama has low rating in Korea as it is a great drama and enlightens viewers on the real work of reporters behind the scene and adding some love elements to the drama makes it even more watchable. I have been looking forward to seeing more development on the relationship between Oh Tae Seok and Seo Woo Jin played by Ji Jin Hee and Son Ye Jin. Hopefully the drama's rating would improve in Korea!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sleep and Be Happy

A recent study published in the journal, Current Biology, found that people are over 60% more reactive to emotional situations when they don't get enough sleep. Researchers at the University of California report that sleep deprivation affects the part of the brain responsible for keeping irrational thoughts and behaviours in check. To keep from blowing your stack, aim for at least eight hours of shut-eye a night. If you aren't able to catch enough sleep, try to avoid or reschedule scenarios that could push you over the edge.

(Source: Shape Magazine Singapore, May 2008 issue)

More Pictures of Korean Drama "Newheart"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hong Kong Drama - Heart of Greed 溏心風暴

I have been hooked to this Hong Kong drama (40 episodes) recently showing on Starhub channel 55 every Monday to Friday 9pm, titled "Heart of Greed" as alot of my favourite artistes are starring in the drama like Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung. The exciting plot which focuses on the head of the family, Tong Yan Gai's family feuding over his abalone business and assets after his death and the love relationships centering around the 3 male leads, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong, makes the drama even more interesting. The reception was excellent for the series when it was showing in Hong Kong in 2007, and subsequently led it to win many of the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2007, including the 'Best Series' Award.

Due to the success of the series, an indirect sequel was produced. While featuring a similar cast, "Moonlight Resonance" has a different storyline and would be released in Hong Kong in July 2008.

Back to the drama, Tong Yan Gai 唐仁佳(Ha Yu) is the head of the family and owns a sea-products store. He has 4 children, Tong Chi On 唐至安 (Moses Chan), Tong Chi Yat 唐至逸 (Bosco Wong), Tong Chi Foon 唐至歡 (Lai Lok Yi) and Tong Chi Yan 唐至欣 (Fala Chen). Together, the Tong family run a happy family, full of laughter. Gai is married to Ling Hau 凌巧(Louise Lee) and has a concubine Wong Sau Kam 王秀琴 (Susanna Kwan). Hau had cancer and didn't expect to survive and wanted Gai to be happy with another woman and wanted Kam to take care of him after she dies, but she recovered. Her siblings Ling Lei 凌莉 (Michelle Yim) and Sheung Joi Duk 常在德 (Lei Seng Cheung) also stay with the family and help out in the family abalone business.

Kam thinks that she has no power in the family because she has no true status and becomes a woman stirring a range of petty acts that tend to haunt her in full circle. She seeks the family fortune and in order to do that she causes trouble in the family. Hau, a wise lady pulled the family back together and turned their frowns into smiles. Unfortunately, Hau's cancer comes back and she dies leaving her struggling family behind. It seems like a peaceful family, but Kam starts planning evil ideas with Sum's brother Duk and together they cause a lot of trouble in the family.

Some other characters in the drama are Linda Chung, who stars as Sheung Joi Sum, the love interest of On and Ching Leung(Raymond Lam). Sum starts off the series as a poor, unconfident and struggling young woman trying to look after her father who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. On, who had feelings for her was rejected by her because she loved another man, Leung. It so happens that she manages to end up working with him in a lawyer firm and they eventually develop a relationship. Yoyo Mung stars as Shui Mak Mak (Yoyo Mung) who is Sum's best friend and also likes Leung and is a third party in their relationship. Tavia Yeung stars as Cheuk Man Lai Jackie, who is Yat's wife.

My favourite character in the drama is On and i was really impressed with Moses Chan's acting as On as he was so cute and funny in the drama. He really makes the character of On real likable. Nicknamed Xiao Bao, after his father’s nickname Da Bao in the drama, On is the closest to Gai. He is bubbly, optimistic, friendly and also very witty, being able to be flexible in any situation.