Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nice Wallpapers

I found these websites offering nice wallpapers while reading CLEO Magazine Singapore, September 2008 edition. They are especially useful for those who are sick of the default wallpapers on their computer or want to dress up their mobile:

Some of my favourite wallpapers (i like the wallpapers for its meaningful quotes) from this website: http://www.realsimple.com/realsimple/channel/lifesoul/dailythought/wallpaper

Another website where animal and nature lovers can get nice pictures taken by the National Geographic Channel: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/wallpapers

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Memory Garden - Rachel Hore

I have recently finished reading this novel and was attracted to the book while in the library because of its beautiful book cover and title. The story tracks the fortunes of Mel Pentreath, a lecturer who takes a sabbatical from her job in London to go to write and heal her emotional wounds in Cornwall. Her mother has passed away recently and her boyfriend who is also her colleague has broke up with her. I was attracted to the story as i like the plot which links Mel's story with another character Pearl, a woman who lived one hundred years earlier in the same cottage in Cornwall as Mel is staying during her break.

This is a lovely and enchanting love story and i was curious to find out the story of Pearl and who Mel would chose in the end as her life partner. I also loved the way the book goes between the past history of Pearl, the hidden secrets behind their lives and how it is related to the cottage Mel is staying and the love story of Mel and Patrick and other interesting characters in the novel like Irina and her daughter. The garden described in the story seems magical and holds a mystery which i was eagered to learn about. This is really a beautiful story set in a beautiful place and makes one wish to have a chance to visit the place and follow in Pearl and Mels' footstep through the mysterious and magical garden.

Updates On Moonlight Resonance Third Sequel

I was surfing the net for more information about a possible third sequel for "Moonlight Resonance" and chanced upon this news from this website: http://www.asianvn.com/smf/

"TVB had organized a big reunion in a shopping mall for the showing of the final episode of Moonlight Resonance. They treated 600 fans to a traditional Chinese banquet. Some outside audience also joined in, making a big turn out of over 1000 people watching the final episode together. Stephen Chan, the general manager expressed that "Moonlight Resonance" is the final Chapter, there won't be a third sequel. The cast were asked if they were interested on working on the 3rd sequel. They all said they were interested. But Stephen said "There won't be a 3rd sequel. We have already had cakes as the theme, we ought to think of something else." Stephen reckoned the cast had so much pressure filming the two sequels, a new sequel will not match the success of the other two."

So i guess that ends all the speculation about a possible third sequel and all good things must come to an end...

Tampopo Deli at Liang Court

I went to my best pal Ferlis's wedding yesterday at Novetel Clarke Quay with my brother and we took the opportunity to go to Tampopo Deli at Liang Court to try out the desserts. I had read about its yummy desserts, especially its cream puffs in The Straits Time recently and has been wanting to try it out. Too bad that it was not availabe and we ended up trying the chocolate chiffon cake and its star dessert, custard milk pudding which were also equally nice and heavenly :>

I was also tempted to try out the bento set, healthy salads and other desserts but due to time constraints and we had to save our stomach for the wedding banquet, we decided we would definitiely go back another day and soon hehe ...

The Lovely Bride :>

Tampopo Deli Add: 177 River Valley Road #B1-16 Liang Court Shopping Centre, Opens daily: 11am - 9pm, Tel: 6338-7386

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Great Ending (Spoiler Alert!!!)

I finally finished watching the last episode yesterday and was real satisfied with the ending :> The average rating for episode 39 and 40 is 47 points, peaked at 50 points, becomes the highest peaking of a TVB series. Moonlight Resonance's peaking set a new record and tied the rating of Dae Jang Geum in Hong Kong. (http://asianfanatics.net/news)

I like the ending twist of Linda Chung's character Chau pretending to abandon Wing Ho and marrying Shun so as to gain her mother's trust and get her to transfer all the shares of the company to her. Chau ended up returning all the shares to Ho Ma and Jo Ba. Initially i was quite pissed off when i saw her being with Shun once she learnt that his girlfriend had died. I really hated her character then!! I was really wondering if she and Wing Ho would not end up together as i really hope that they would be together after the sad ending of "Heart of Greed". I was also looking forward to her standing up to her mother throughout the drama and she finally did it in the final episode.

Another great pairing was Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan and their characters Ho Yuet and Wing Ga also ended up together and there was one misleading scene towards the end when i thought Wing Ga was going to die. I'm glad that he survived and I thought the ending was really great, but a bit rushed towards the part of Ho Yuet and Wing Ga. It would be better if they extend the episode and use it to focus more on Tavia and Moses's developing their relationship.

It was also very sweet and heartwarming seeing Jo Ba revealing his feelings for Ho Ma in the court and asking her for a second chance and also wishing during his birthday that Ho Ma would die before him so that he would not abandon her a second time. With the ending of "Moonlight Resonance", it has left me wondering if TVB would be filming a third sequel of the drama since it is so popular and has high ratings. All who has starred in the drama has been appearing in a lot of talkshows and programmes as viewers can't seem to get enough of the drama. I have started to watch some of the talkshows today so as to see more of the drama. I would definitely be watching if there is a third sequel with the orginal cast ;>

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Special Edition and Thoughts Of The Drama

I have been faithfully following each episode of this popular TVB drama now showing in Hong Kong which would end its run tomorrow. This drama is a sequel to the drama "Heart of Greed" with the original cast but a different plot. It is definitely even better than "Heart of Greed" and there is more focus on family ties in the drama and it is more heartwarming and touching. For those who are a fan of this drama like me, you might be interested in this special edition program which is like a sit down talk show with the Moonlight Resonance cast. I found the link for the program from this website: http://www.crazychinesewoman.com/2008/09/moonlight-resonance-special-edition/

So far after watching 35 episodes, i really like Tavia Yeung's character Ho Yuet in the drama and hopes that she and Moses Chan's character Wing Ga would end up together. Kate Tsui really did a great job acting as one of the villians Ga Mei in the drama and i really hated her character in the drama more than Michelle Yim's character Yan Hung. Ga Mei was just pure evil and cunning in the drama and my favourite scene was of her mother Aunt Sa (Susanna Kwan) canning her after revealing the evils things she had done. It was just so shiok watching her evil plots being revealed haha ...

I did not really like Linda Chung's character in the drama, her role was not as interesting as in "Heart of Greed" and the relationship between her and Raymond Lam's character Wing Ho in "Moonlight Resonance" was not as touching as in "Heart of Greed". It gets quite draggy watching her crying almost every episode and unable to make up her mind about giving up on Bosco Wong's character Shun in the drama. There was not much development on her character with regards to the family feud between her mother and Wing Ho's family and she was just so engrossed in her own problem of thinking of Shun. It was quite disappointing as i really like her acting in "Heart of Greed" and was looking forward to her and Raymond acting as a couple again in this drama and hoping they would end up together unlike the sad ending in "Heart of Greed" where Raymond's character died in an accident. I'm looking forward to watching the final episode and curious how the ending would be like and this is definitely the best Hong Kong drama i have watched this year :>

(Linda Chung and Raymond Lam have also released their albums recently and i really enjoys listening to their songs. Linda really sings very well in her debut album and there are 2 Mandarin songs in her album and i'm trying to learn her Cantonese songs so that i can sing them in the Karaoke. )

Three Ways to Nutrient-Dense Your Meal

(Source: CLEO Magazine Singapore, July 2008 edition)

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans introduced the term "nutrient density" to measure how nutritious a food is. Here's how to up your meals' density levels.

Go crazy on fruit

Fruit and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and fibre, and low in fat and sodium. Fresh fruit also contains more water so you feel fuller longer. Add apples or berries to a salad or pour a fruit-based salsa over fish to increase the nutrient density of a dish.

Get colour-coded

Try to include 4 colours on your plate each time you eat. Don't just focus on your greens; add yellow and orange (peppers and carrots), red (dried cranberries), and beige and white (cauliflower). Add lettuce and tomatoes to a sandwich - and have it on whole-grain bread, or spread a little peanut butter on your apple slices.

Throw in some whole grains

A whole grain is the edible part of any grain and it provides vitamins, minerals, fibre and a wealth of antioxidants. Try brown basmati rice or even plain air-popped popcorn - dense in fibre and low in calories, it's fun choice for an occassional snack.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great Place To Read A Book

One of my favourite activity is relaxing in a cafe with a nice cold drink and a great book to read. My hubby can spend more than an hour in the bookstores and the Coffee Club cafe at Kinokuniya in Takashimaya is one of my favourite place to while away the time while waiting for him. I like the cafe as they provides up-to-date magazines and i also like the sandwiches and baked cheese pasta there :>

I like browsing at books and spending time in the bookstores but not as long as hubby. For me, an hour would be more than enough time. However, bookstores are like heaven for hubby and he can spend 2-3 hours just browsing at his beloved books hehe...

Pictures Taken While Bringing Snowy Out For Walk

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hong Kong Kimgary Restaurant

I went shopping at Vivocity with my mum yesterday and we chanced upon this Hong Kong restaurant and decided to give it a try. It is located at #02-128, Vivo City, 1 harbourfront Walk,Singapore 098585 Tel:+656376 8186. We really made a very wise choice as the food was delicious and the price reasonable. I ordered the fish fillet baked rice with cheese lunch set and my mum ordered the stone grilled curry pork chop rice lunch set. All lunch sets come with cream or borsch soup and a drink. I really like my fish fillet baked rice which comes with generous servings of cheese and was comparable with my favourite fish baked rice from Swensen. I tried some of my mum's dish and it was as yummy.

After such a full and sinful lunch, we shopped around and i bought a nice dress for my friend's wedding next week. I also bought some cute "My Melody" stuffs and 2 chick lit books from my favourite "A Little Black Dress" series at Pageone bookstore. I will post the reviews of the books after reading it. I have bought several books from the series so far as it really provides a relaxing and entertaining read especially if you are going for a holiday or at the beach or swimming pool.

Fish fillet baked rice with cheese $11.90

Stone grilled curry pork chop rice $13.50

One Night Stand - Julie Cohen
Wish You Were Here - Phillipa Ashley

My Melody Purse with Zip

My Melody Toilet Roll Holder