Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Gathering With Friends

I have been struck at home these few days recovering from my terrible flu and can't wait to go out soon. I'm still having running nose and sore throat and have cancelled our plans to feast at Seoul Garden today :< Would spend the time uploading more pictures to my blog. Advanced Happy New Year everyone and hope 2009 would be an even better year!!!

I had a Christmas gathering with my friends last Friday at my place and we had alot of fun feasting away and playing with Jolain and Anna's kids :> My friend Angie taught me how to make sushi and it was so much fun. I finally suceeded in my sushi making attempt and i even tried adding kimchi to the sushi. It tastes abit weird for those who do not like kimchi but heavenly for those who loves it like me and another friend Anna. I have been hooked to Kimchi after my Korea trip and found out that Anna too had the same experience. She shared with me another place where i can get my supply of fresh and yummy kimchi and i'm gonna try it out when i go to Orchard.

The sushi was so yummy that i kept eating while cutting them into smaller pieces haha... luckily Angie took over the cutting so that there would be enough sushi leftover for everyone. I'm definitely hooked to making sushi and bought seaweed and rice vinegar from Daiso the next day so that i can make it again. Below are pictures i took of my "sushi lesson" and our fun gathering:

Ingredients for making sushi:

This is the most difficult part to me and i failed a few times, it looks so easy on the picture haha but need skill which i finally mastered hehe....

My "sushi shifu" Angie with her completed sushi :>

Our cute fruitcake which Angie and i decorated

Anna's yummy carbonara pasta

Jolain's son looks so cute....and we could not resist taking alot of pictures of him hehe...

Faith looks so grown up and pretty :>

The kids having alot of fun with the swing

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Korean Drama - Celebrity's Sweetheart / Star's Lover

After acting in "Air City", Choi Ji Woo has a new 20 episodes SBS drama now showing in Korea since 10 December 2008. The plot seems quite interesting and i'm looking forward to watching the drama. This is a joint production between Japan and Korea. Her role is playing a top actress Lee Mari, who is bombarded with romantic advances by four men. These men vary across the board in character and background: one is a Korean literature graduate student with aspirations of becoming a writer (Yoo Ji Tae), another a famous photographer (Choi Phillip), one a third-generation chaebol (Ki Tae Young), and the last a young top executive (Lee Ki Woo) at a media corporation.

This melodrama introduces two completely different people who meet in the tough realities of the real world and realize true love. "A Star’s Lover" has been a special project of SBS that took a year and a half to prepare, with the help of Japanese media production company, Dentsu.

Bearing scenes shot in Japan, this romance drama focuses on the relationship between Lee Mari and her relatively poor ghostwriter played by actor Yoo Ji Tae. This is Yoo Ji Tae's return to the small screen after nine years. His last drama was Love Story in 1999. This is also the first time that he will play a lead in a drama. Filming sites included Japan and Seoul National University. This is the first time that a drama has been shot at Seoul University. "This drama drew its inspiration from 'Notting Hill'", director Boo Seong-cheol said in a press conference held to promote the drama.The drama also features a solid supporting cast of actors including Lee Gi Woo, Seong Ji Ru, Jeong Un Taek, and others, anticipating a successfully in-depth drama.

Lee Mari is a beautiful and talented actress. She receives love the only way she knows how - to be a top Hallyu star for her fans. While she leads a glamorous lifestyle she hides behind her management company to shield herself from an agonizing past... specifically when her parents died in a boating accident which left her homeless. As if that weren't enough Mari suffered through numerous accounts of harassment and teasing at the orphanage. Mari will secretly leave and get picked up by an agent while working at a beauty salon. It is from this moment she will become a star. While her life is perfect there is one thing missing from her life...could it be Chul Soo's love?
Chul Soo has had a painful past involving abandonment. His father left after being unable to bear his mother's taunts and disappointment in him, and his own mother leaves him as she tries to make a better life for herself. While his dream is to become a famous literary writer, he is unable to pursue his dream due to the responsibilities he holds for himself to take care of his family. Instead, he is an assistant professor at a neighboring University.
However, one day he realizes that he can't continue to accept his ex-girlfriend Eun Young's (Cha Yae Ryun) kind donations and decides to take matters into his own hands. While it is against his every moral right and value he stands for, he decides to ghost-write for one of the top Asian actresses - Lee Mari. It is during his time in Japan he gets to know Mari and her complex ways. While she is everything he doesn't want in a woman, why is it that he becomes more and more intrigued by her?
Woo Jin is the perfect bachelor. He's the nephew of a large media/entertainment CEO, holds a Stanford MBA, and has the physical attributes of a high fashion model. There isn't anything he can't overcome no matter how big or small the task. Woo Jin declines a proposal he receives only because he's already smitten with top actress Lee Mari. After reading her documentary book it only confirms his feelings for her. He will later decide to produce a movie based on the book...and even pursue her as a love interest!
Eun Young is beautiful, soft spoken, and hurt by Chul Soo's denial. Once lovers with Chul Soo the two separated (initiated by Chul Soo) because of their vast difference and position in society. Hurt that he couldn't trust her love for him she continues to silently love him from afar. She can't help but financially support him because that is her only connection to him... Until one day, the two of them are brought together to work on the same project. But what will she do when she realizes that his unwavering gaze is for Lee Mari instead of directing it to her?

More Pictures of the Drama: