Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Love Aston's Delicious Wagyu Burger :> Promotion Price of S$9.90/- At Sembawang Shopping Centre

I Love My Pretty Glossy Iphone Covers

Bought this Iphone cover box set from Popular bookstore for only S$49.90/- instead of original price S$69.90/-!!! I have been wanting to buy it for awhile but find the original price too expensive. Now i have a different Iphone cover daily ;>

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Korean Drama - Glory Of The Family / Family Honor MVs

I have been watching this drama online during the Christmas holidays and loves the songs featured in the drama.

All I Need Is You Alone

사랑해도 괜찮니 포맨 (This is my favourite song :>)

아프지 말아요 포맨


Japanese Drama - Ohitorisama

I'm currently watching this 10 episodes romance comedy drama online at and recommends it to fellow Japanese drama lovers. for its simple and entertaining story. "Ohitorisama" is an original series by screenwriter Masaya Ozaki ("Kekkon Dekinai Otoko," "Oniyome Nikki"). The opening theme song is "Koe wo Kikasete" by Big Bang and ending theme song is "Am I Fallin' in Love?" by Kitaguchi Kazusa.

It tells the story of 33-year-old Akiyama Satomi (Alisa Mizuki) who is a history teacher at the prestigious all-girls high school she once attended. She has earned the nickname "ohitorisama" (meaning "one person") for her perfectionism and capability to handle any work by herself. At the same time, the name also refers to her lack of romance. One day, a young man named Shinichi (Teppei Koike) arrives at the school as a relief teacher. He's ten years younger than Satomi, has only worked part-time jobs, and has neither money nor status. Although the other female teachers and students find him cute, he is completely not Satomi's type... or is he?

Satomi finds herself falling in love with Shinichi and they begin living together. Each episode highlights the differences in their age, status, mindset, and values.
Miki Maya (45) will play the principal of the school. Nao Matsushita (24) and singer Ami Suzuki (27) have also been added to the cast.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Celebrations 2009

Christmas Celebrations In The Office During Christmas Eve

I love my cute "My Melody" mirror given by my colleague :>

Yummy Pizza For Dinner on Christmas Eve

Christmas Celebrations With My Relatives On Christmas Day

I love the yummy vanilla ice-cream eclairs my cousin bought from the supermarket!! I'm gonna buy some to eat at home ;>

Some of my Christmas gifts:

Pretty "My Melody" cup from my brother's girlfriend

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Pictures of Bangkok Trip :>

Yummy Breakfast

Supper in Hotel Room
My mum and i ordered room service at 3am in the morning as we could not sleep and feasted away while my brother was snoring away hehe we had a real yummy and satisfying supper :>

After the late and sinful supper, i went swimming the next morning to burn off some fats ;>

Breakfast at Hotel's Executive Lounge

More Last Minute Shopping Before Flight Home

Pretty Earrings I bought from Chatuchak Weekend Market