Monday, August 31, 2009

Hong Kong Drama - D.I.E. Again / 古灵精探B

This 25 episodes drama sequel to the popular detective mystery drama "D.I.E" started showing in Hong Kong on 17 August 2009 after "Burning Flame 3". I was quite disappointed with "Burning Flame 3" as it was not as nice as previous seasons and there was too much focus on the love relationships instead of my favourites scenes of Wong Hei in action firefighting.

I watched 8 episodes of "D.I.E Again" during the weekend and it is as interesting as season 1 and hopefully the rest of the episodes will be as interesting :> Members of the once dissolved "Death Investigation Extension (D.I.E.)" have been called together. YUE CHI LONG (Roger Kwok Chun ON), CHEUNG CHING YEE (Sonija Kwok Jing Hung) and other team members are all gearing up to crack unsolved cold cases with their usual out-of-the-box style.

YING CHING CHING (Kwok Sonija) has been looking forward to this for a long time. She is so excited that she even brings along her baby son to work! LONG is not happy about this, yet he has no choice but to take turns with other team members to take care of the baby, bringing about rounds after rounds of hilarious episodes. CHING discovers by chance that her son has inherited LONG's supernatural powers. In order to prove to LONG she is as capable as him as an inspector, CHING makes use of their son's powers in investigating.

LONG is even more displeased, and their relationship has suffered a great deal. Later, LONG finds out that a bad guy is using YING PUI PUI (Nancy Wu), CHING's younger sister, to attack CHING and their son. LONG gets ambushed and put in a coma, during which he has an out-of-body experience. Seeing that his wife and son are in danger, his spirit takes over YEE's body, unexpectedly resulting in.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walk Away The Blues

A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that women who walk at least 7,500 steps (about6.5km) a day are half as likely to suffer from depression as their more sedentary counterparts. "Even a short stroll can serve as a mental time-out," says study author Professor Charlotte McKercher. For a start, try walking from the MRT station instead of hoping on a bus.

(Source: SHAPE Magazine Singapore, July 2009 edition)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dim Sum Buffet At Min Jiang - Goodwood Park Hotel

I went Goodwood Park Hotel for its delicious Dim Sum buffet last week with my family members to celebrate my mum's birthday. Below are pictures i took using my new pink Canon Ixus 110 Camera, love the pictures and the food :>

I love the porridge :>

I love the drunken chicken and had several servings

The Durian Pudding was a real treat and my mum's favorite dessert :>