Sunday, October 31, 2010

超級星光大道 - Summertime (Erika)

Nice song and i love her singing :>


Korean Drama - Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 17 (Favorite Scene)


Yummy Domino's Pizza For Dinner :>

I was too lazy to cook or go out to eat yesterday night and decided to order pizza online at since Domino's Pizza has recently opened a new branch at 369 Sembawang Rd. I have been wanting to try its pizza since receiving its brochure and i love Domino's New Yorker Crust pizza which is real delicious with lots of toppings. Will definitely order again ;>

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BBQ Chicken Wings

Photo Oct 31, 4 50 30 PM
Garlic Cheese Onion Rings

Photo Oct 31, 4 51 09 PM
Meatzza Pizza With New Yorker Crust

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Han Hyo Joo On Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook


Healthy Home Cooked Herbal Chicken Porridge Using Yang Sheng Le :>



Lunch @ Manhattan Fish Market




Interview Of Song Joong-ki (SungKyunKwan Scandal)


Man Of The Hour In K-Pop: Song Jeung-gi

It appears that the man of the hour in k-pop these days is Song Jeung-gi of popular drama "Sunggyungwan Scandal". The show really catapulted him into the main spotlight and he's been sweeping every celebrity-related survey out there these days.

So what's so great about Song? Well, let's first start off with his skin. According to a couple of recent surveys, the young star has been noted to have the best skin out of all the male celebrities. There was one such survey titled "Even as a female, I'm jealous of THIS male celebrity's skin" where he took 54% of the votes, taking first place. Another survey asking for which star -- male or female -- has the most moisturized looking skin. Of course Song took first place again, although this time he tied with veteran actress Go Hyun-jung.

Song Jeung-gi has an image that even young students love. According to a survey titled, "The celebrity that I most want to be cheered on by when I take my college entrance exam...", Song took first place. Another one asking for who the hottest rising star in k-pop culture was, also saw Song take top honors. It's clear that all eyes are on this young man to see where this wave of popularity will take him. A survey more specific to Song' s show, "Sunggyungwan Scandal", asked for the best flower boy (pretty boy) from the drama. No surprise that Song took first in that survey too.

Song's representatives at SidusHQ confirmed his top stardom by saying he's been receiving offers from all sectors of the industry : movies, dramas, commercials.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's A Joy To Watch Korean Drama - Sungkyunkwan Scandal :>



I have finally found the drama to replace my favorite historical drama "Dong Yi" after watching 4 episodes of another interesting historical drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" on KBS World the past 2 weeks. "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" is getting more and more interesting with each passing episodes and episodes 15 and 16 were shown in Korea this week and ratings has been increasing. I love the fast paced plot of the drama and the adventures of the 4 main leads in the school. This much-anticipated Monday-Tuesday drama has gotten off to a promising start by capturing hearts of viewers with heartthrob characters.



This teen drama revolves around four students at a Confucian academy during the Joseon period. Micky, a member of the idol boy group JYJ is making his acting debut playing one of the four protagonists. The other three leads are Park Min-young, Song Joong-ki, and Yu A-in, who are young rising stars. Song has gained popularity for his cheery, cute roles. Yu, who started an acting career from childhood, has successfully grown into an adult actor. For Park, this is the third period drama she has appeared in after “Korean Ghost Stories” in 2008 and “Princess Jamyeong.”





This drama is based on a popular teen novel. It is a campus romance story of an older period. Released in 2007, the novel was on the bestselling lists of major online bookstores, dealing with the friendship and romance between four students at a Confucian academy during the Joseon Dynasty: Daemul Kim Yun-hee (Park Min-young), a girl who disguises herself as a boy named Kim Yun-sik to enter the school instead of her sick brother; Garang Lee Seon-jun (Micky), a perfect man of etiquette and example who judges others by his principles and yet, is ruled by a sincere heart. With his low voice and gentle expressions, he is the core weapon in the "SungKyunKwan Quartet". Yeorim Gu Yong-ha (Song Joong-ki), l’homme fatale who is given to wine and women; and Geolo Moon Jae-shin (Yu A-in), a troublemaker with masculine charm.






Other appealing elements are its combination of the seemingly unmatchable genres of teen romance and epic drama and the featuring of a girl disguised as a boy, like in “Coffee Prince No.1." I have been hooked to the drama since watching the first 4 episodes on KBS World and ended up watching another 12 more episodes online as i was curious about the developments between Lee Seon-jun and Kim Yun-hee and did not wish to wait till next week to watch episodes 5 and 6 on cable TV when i can watch more episodes online :>



I especially love the recent episodes 15 and 16 of this cute and funny drama as i love watching the innocent love that is blossoming between the 2 main leads. Seon-jun has been feeling confused and tormented as he thought he has feelings for a man and had decided to leave school to marry Ha Hyo-eun (Seo Hyo-rim) so as not to burden Yun-hee with his feelings for her. However he decided that he should be true to his own feelings and tells Hyo-eun that he can't marry her. He then goes to look for Yun-hee and finding her among the crowd, Seon-jun says, “You know how highly I think of morals and manners in living in society, but I’ve come to like you despite the fact you are a boy. But I will not make you humiliated and ostracized because of my feelings. I will never come to see you again. That’s all that I can do for you now.” Seon-jun then goes to a remote mountain to concentrate on studying, but he can’t stop thinking about Yun-hee and fails to lead a daily life properly. Meanwhile, fellow students at Sungkyunkwan visit the mountain under the excuse of going to a picnic, but they actually want to meet Seon-jun to persuade him to return to school.












Seon-jun happens to see Yun-hee looking for a quiet place away from her other classmates. He first turns his back to avoid her, against his feelings, but soon he runs to her and once again confesses his uncontrollable feelings. Yun-hee tries to reach him so that she can explain her feelings for him when he decided he should leave and stay away from her but she slips and falls into the water. Seon-jun rescues her and unties her robe to do CPR, only to find out that she is a girl, not a boy, when he sees a bandage wrapped around her bosom. Now all eyes are on whether the two can develop a romance :>


It was really funny and sweet when Seon-jun kept pestering Yun-hee to reveal her exact feelings for him when they are back in school. The dazed look he had after she kissed him was so funny and priceless!!! The bed fighting scene between Jae-shin and Seon-jun was really comical and it was so funny how Yong-ha ended up saving the day with his sudden appearance and his complaining that his room is haunted by a gumiho so that Yun-hee is able to sleep alone in his room. I love Yong-ha's character as he is always able to come to the rescue of the other 3 whenever they are in trouble and everything that is happening to the other 3 always look really amusing to him to the exasperation of Jae-shin! Loves his pretty boy looks too!





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I'm now eagerly waiting for the next 2 episodes next week to see how Yun-hee and Seon-jun's relationship would develop as they are from different class Namin and Noron and also it seems that Seon-jun's father hated Yun-hee's late father and might be responsible for his death. I hope that they will end up together despite all the difficulties. Love all the 4 main characters as they are unique and charming in their own ways which makes the drama even more watchable!