Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Delicious Lunch @ Yomenya Goemon Citylink :)

So happy that Japanese Spaghetti house Yomenya Goemon has opened a branch @ Citylink. I tried it's smoked chicken and cream cheeses spaghetti about 2 yrs ago in Tokyo and loves it but did not have time to go there again during my trip last year. Now i can enjoy my favorite creamy spaghetti as and when i have the craving :)

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Loveholic - Rainy Day

This song really suits the rainy weather now :)

Christmas Shopping @ Bishan Junction 8 & Orchard :)

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Relaxing Time @ The Airport :)

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Hubby went KL last week for work and i agreed to meet him at the airport so that we can have dinner before going home. I reached the airport early after my shopping trip at Orchard and had time to drink my favorite iced blended coffee at Starbucks while waiting for hubby's flight to arrive. I had a fun time playing the new app game "Sally's Studio" on my iPad 2. I was lucky to play the game free as i had registered to be a beta tester and was selected ;) We had a simple dinner at Wang Cafe as alot of the dishes listed in the menu were not available and it was a pity i could not drink their delicious herbal soup again.

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However i was really happy that hubby bought me my favorite SK-II products at the duty free shop. The Skin Signature Cream 80g only cost S$143 instead of S$219 at the department stores. I also got him to buy for me the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion which cost S$73 instead of S$114 at the department stores. I know that it is much cheaper to purchase skincare products at the duty free shops and had also heard from a friend that her hubby always buys her favorite SK-II products at the airport as he travels overseas for work regularly but did not realize that the price difference is so much! Will definitely stock up on my favorite SK-II products during my next overseas trips. You can find out more about the duty free shop prices from Nuance Watson. However do note that you will not be able to get gifts with purchases or samples due to the cheaper prices.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Videos From Kevin (女人我最大) On How To Apply Your SK-II Products

I chanced upon SK-II Taiwan's facebook and found these useful Youtube videos by make-up guru Kevin from popular Taiwanese beauty show "女人我最大" on the correct ways of applying your SK-II products which i find really informative and useful for fellow users of SK-II products :) The brand has alot of promotions (e.g. workshops by celebrity make-up gurus to talk about its products & lovely designed gifts with purchases like bags or pouches) in Taiwan compared to Singapore and hopefully SK-II Singapore can also come up with such activities for its loyal users and members.

(Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/TWSKII#g/u)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Favorite Lunch @ Go Go Curry :)

I went Christmas shopping yesterday at Bishan Junction 8 and Orchard and bought lot of lovely stuffs and love the 2 dresses i bought at my favorite shop Purpur :) They are having storewide 15% discount and 20% discount for members. Will post pictures of what i bought and share some Christmas gifts ideas later when i got the time after all the shopping hehe.... Going for more shopping today ;) Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Korean Drama - Man Of Honor (Glory Jane)



There is an old proverb saying, “An evil may sometimes turn out to be a blessing in disguise.” It means tragedy could bring a reversal at the end. Just like the case of ugly duckling, which turned out to be a beautiful swan, there are always ups and downs in life and everything just goes through after all… This drama brings you the story of Jane and Yeong-gwang. Warm-hearted Yoon Jane is a cheery, bright girl who always maintains a positive attitude despite her poor background. Kim Yeong-gwang, former 4th hitter of the major league team, now a minor leaguer, is an innocently confident man who never stops trying his best to re-live past glories. This drama will show you how these young adults deal with life’s hardship and grow older to achieve their dreams. This latest 24 episodes Korean KBS romance cum sports drama is currently showing in Korea since 12 October 2011 and also showing on KBS World every Wednesdays to Thursdays, 9pm. You can also watch it online at (http://www.mysoju.com/korean-drama/man-of-honor/) or (http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/man-of-honor/).


Prior to its filming, this drama has created a stir among fans and has high expectations as it is another collaboration of director Lee Jung Sub and screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung who was behind the success of "Baker King". "Man Of Honor" has a fantastic cast which includes Park Min Young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Chun Jung Myung (The Duo, 2011) and Lee Jang Woo (Smile, Dong Hae, 2010).








The drama stars the lovely Park Min Young as Yoon Jae In, a nurse’s aide with a bubbly, energetic character. Park Min Young only had two months off after "City Hunter" ended before taking on the new role, and admitted she was a little nervous about the time squeeze. “But I enjoyed the script so much, and really trust the director and writer.” She also cut her long hair off for the first time in 14 years, in order to play up Jae- In’s bright personality. She’d been enthusiastic about the change, and found the thrill of chopping off her hair so exciting that she’d asked for a shorter cut.







Actress Lee Jin plays a cool, confident design manager in an outdoor apparel company. Her character went to school with Jung Myung's character Young Kwang and has feelings for him, making her a romantic rival with Jae In. Naturally, where Jae In is plucky and poor, Lee Jin’s character is chic and fashionable.




Kim Young Kwang (Chun Jung Myung) is a baseball player on a minor league team, former 4th hitter of the major league team, is an innocently confident man who never stops trying his best to re-live past glories. Yoon Jae In (Park Min Young) works as a nurse’s aide is a struggling young, cheery, bright girl who always maintains a positive attitude despite her poor background and dreams of becoming a nurse. She meets Kim Young Kwang at the hospital when he sustains injures, as they struggling to overcome their fates, they find love. Seo In Woo (Lee Jang Woo) is the future heir of a sports clothing company and also the clean-up hitter for the a professional baseball team that his father owns. A love triangle ensues between these three characters. The drama frankly depicts the adolescents’ hardships and their unstoppable determination through their lives where they overcome their wounded hearts and reached success.













As children, Young Gwang meets Jane at her birthday party. His father works as a chauffer to Jane's father. At Jane's birthday party, by chance, Young Gwang bumps into a boy named In Woo. In Woo's father is the vice president of a trading company that Jane's father runs. In Woo looks down on Young Gwang.




Meanwhile, at the company, Jane's father Yoon Il-Goo (Ahn Nae-Sang) receives an unexpected visit from his friend District Attorney Oh (No Kyung-Joo). D.A. Oh mentions that his trading company is under investigation because of slush funds. Yoon Il-Goo begins to suspect his friend, company vice president Seo Jae-Myung (Son Chang-Min). On the way to Jane's birthday party, Yong Il-Goo tells Seo Jae-Myung to go to the district attorney's office. Seo Jae-Myung refuses and reaches for the car door handle. While they are struggling, the car becomes involved in an accident and falls over into a nearby body of water. The car is completely submerge in water and Seo Jae-Myug grabs a body and swims to land. Once he makes it out of the water he realizes that the man he pulled out of the car was the chauffer Kim In-Bae (Lee Gi-Yeong) and not company president Yoon-Il Goo.





At Jane's birthday party, a baseball game is organized. Young Gwang never played baseball before, but because of In Woo's cocky behavior takes part in the game. During the game Young Gwang hits a home run. He then signs his name on the baseball and gives it to Jane. He also asks her to marry him one day. At this time Jane's mother receives a phone call from the hospital. Jane's mother takes Jane and drives off to the hospital. Because of heavy rains, Jane's mother gets into a car accident. Rescuers found Jane's mom unconcsious, but couldn't find Jane. Jane was thrown out of the car and loses her memory in the process.

At the hospital, vice president Seo Jae-Myung is questioned by the district attorney. At this time the chauffeur lies and says the cause of the accident was heavy rain. Vice president Seo Jae-Myung then hears the news of the car accident involving Jane and her mother. The police then calls vice president Seo Jae-Myung and informs him that a girl matching the description of Jane was found, but she has no memory of who she is. Seo Jae-Myung instructs the chauffeur to go pick up Jane and take her to a place where nobody will know. He promises that if he did as instructed, he will help to open a restaurant and take care of his children for life.


Because of the accident Jane can't remember even her own name, but she does find a baseball with the words "Young Gwang's first home run" on it in her bag. Soon after, vice president Seo Jae-Myung takes the position of company president. The chauffer takes Jane to a distant orphanage and drops her off. Out of guilt, the chauffer tells her that her name is Jane and don't forget her name.





Years later, Young Gwang and In Woo both become professional baseball players. In Woo is the cleanup hitter for a major league team, while Young Gwang is demoted to the minor leagues due to his poor hitting. The coach of the minor league team warns Young Gwang that he has only 2 months to raise his batting average above .200 or he will be kicked off the team.







Yoon Jae In (Jane) works as a nurse’s assistant and is a struggling young, cheery, bright girl who always maintains a positive attitude despite her poor background. She dreams of becoming a nurse. While she hurriedly rushes to participate in national exam for the third time, she sees an old homeless man who had fainted after drunk. Although nobody in the hospital wants to receive him, Jae In approaches him without hesitation, and holds the old man to treat him. The old man appreciates her and says he wishes to give her three wishes. Jae In says she wants to find her family, becomes a good nurse, and finds the true love. But the old man gives her an old key and says that her wishes will be fulfilled.




One day, Young Gwang and In Woo are injured in different games and brought to the same hospital at almost the same time. In Woo recieves all the attention, while Young Gwang is largely ignored. Suddenly, a nurse's aide comes up to Young Gwang and tells him that she has been his fan since he was a high school player, because of his name Young Gwang. 




Although everybody is paying all the care to Seo In Woo, but Jae In discovers that his injury is unusual, and sends him to surgery theater. But because of this, Jae In misses the last bus, and cannot catch up with the start of exam. For Jae In who is entangled by this kind of things everyday, it’s another setback for her long time dream because of bad luck. The 3 childhood friends meet again due to fate and the intertwined secret of their parents from 20 years ago begins to unfold, centering around Jae In, Young Kwang and In Woo, with unexpected twists and a love triangle ensues between these three characters....





























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