Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Changi Airport First In Asia To launch Taylor Swift Perfume Wonderstruck


I have been looking forward to Taylor Swift's perfume Wonderstruck being available in Singapore and Changi Airport is the first in Asia to launch it and you can purchase it from today. I love the beautiful and charming design of the bottle and guess its time to make a trip to the airport ;) The 50ml bottle retails for S$76 and the 100ml is S$92. Price is the same whether you are flying or not, since GST is also absorbed in the public areas before departure immigration.

“Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de” To Return As A Special Drama In March :)

This should be good news for those who enjoys watching this mystery drama  like i did ;) Found this information from Tokyohive and i will be looking forward to watching the drama special in March :)


Fuji TV’s hit drama series, “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de“, will be returning as a special drama in March!
Starring Arashi’s Sakurai Sho and actress Kitagawa Keiko,”Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de” first aired in October of 2011 and concluded in December with high rankings in December. The TV series was adapted from Higashikawa Tokuya’s hit mystery novel, which tells of a rookie detective named “Hosho Reiko” (Kitagawa), the daughter of rich family. She solves difficult cases with a help of her butler “Kageyama” (Sakurai), who has a wicked tongue.
The special drama will be set in the tropical island of Okinawa, where “Kageyama” and “Reiko” will encounter their “most difficult-ever case” there.  Reportedly, there will also be a love story tied to “Kageyama”.
The regular cast members of the drama series, Shiina KippeiNomaguchi ToruNakamura Yasuhi,Okamoto Anri, and Tanaka Konatsu will make a reappearance in the special episode; they will be joined by guests Kunimura JunAso YumiTakashima Masahiro, Sano Shiro, and Ikeda Tetsuhiro.
“Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de Special!” (temporary titled) is scheduled to be aired on March 27th at 9:00 p.m.

Chinese New Year Gathering @ My Uncle's Place :)

Photo 29-1-12 4 09 32 PM
More feasting :) I love my uncle's wife's cooking!

Photo 29-1-12 3 39 15 PM
My favorite ngor hiang :)

Photo 29-1-12 5 27 53 PM
Round 2 :)

Photo 29-1-12 6 13 01 PM

Photo 29-1-12 6 13 09 PM

Photo 29-1-12 7 49 50 PM

Photo 29-1-12 6 15 41 PM
Tossing Yusheng Time :) Huat Ah! Good luck and health to everyone :))

Photo 29-1-12 6 15 51 PM

Photo 29-1-12 6 17 11 PM
Enjoying my yusheng :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year Gathering @ My Cousin's Place :)

Photo 28-1-12 6 20 55 PM

Photo 28-1-12 6 59 00 PM
Dessert after dinner. Love the Lao Ban soya bean curd pudding bought by my cousin, its really tasty :) Will have to make a trip there soon for more yummy dessert :)

Photo 28-1-12 6 58 47 PM

Photo 28-1-12 8 01 04 PM
After all the feasting, its our annual family Chinese New Year poker session :) Huat Ah!!! 

Photo 28-1-12 6 45 02 PM

Photo 28-1-12 6 13 21 PM

Photo 28-1-12 6 12 00 PM

Photo 28-1-12 6 14 34 PM

Photo 28-1-12 6 23 23 PM

Photo 28-1-12 6 13 01 PM

Friday, January 27, 2012

Namie Amuro - Love Story

I'm currently watching Japanese drama "Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu" and loves it as it is really entertaining and i love the theme song of the drama by Namie Amuro. She is one of my favorite Japanese singer and the last time Amuro provided a theme song for a ‘Getsu9′ drama was in January 1997 when ”Can You Celebrate?” was used in drama "Virgin Road". 

"Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu" is like the Japanese version of "Sex & The City" and talks about 3 friends searching for love and supporting each other along the way and i admire the close bond shared by the 3 friends in the drama as they do have their disagreements living together but they are still friends at the end of the day and will always be there if one of them is in trouble. It is not always easy in real life to find true friends who will always be there for you and truly cares for you and do treasure them if you have them around you ;) I have encounter people who are just friends in name and does the disappearing act when you need them or are just too self centered to care about others and only live in a 'me' world. I'm glad i have some close pals whom i know will always be there for me and i will also be there for them. We do not meet up frequently as everyone is busy with work and family but it is always a joy when we find time to hang out together :)


In "Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu", Karina plays the main character Fujii Emi, an employee of a lighting company who is secretly in love with her ex boyfriend cum long time buddy and workmate and finds it annoying to look for new love. Her roommates are played by Yoshitaka Yuriko and AKB48’s Oshima Yuko. Will write more about the drama when i find the time as am busy going for Chinese New Year gatherings recently and have also been down with a bad cough and the medications makes me drowsy. Guess i have to cut down on all the feastings during this Chinese New Year period.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese New Year Gatherings With Family & Friends:)

Photo 19-1-12 5 58 07 PM
My home all ready for the Dragon Year and visits from family and friends ;)

Photo 22-1-12 11 52 59 AM

Photo 22-1-12 11 52 15 AM

Photo 22-1-12 11 51 39 AM

Photo 22-1-12 11 52 36 AM
All my yummy Chinese New Year goodies :)

Photo 25-1-12 4 17 10 PM
Me and my lovely Chinese New Year flowers :) Bought my red shoes specially for the New Year and to match my red color top ;)

Photo 25-1-12 4 13 12 PM
My pretty mum and aunts

Photo 25-1-12 5 10 21 PM

Photo 24-1-12 3 20 24 PM
Delicious Heng Hwa Noodle for lunch @ my in-law's place :) It's a family tradition to have the noodles during Chinese New Year.

Photo 24-1-12 4 17 59 PM

Photo 24-1-12 4 20 05 PM
Me and my mum-in-law

Photo 24-1-12 4 21 05 PM
Me and my dear buddy Snowy :)

Photo 24-1-12 1 18 07 PM
Gatherings with my friends :)

Photo 24-1-12 1 18 45 PM

Photo 24-1-12 1 19 04 PM

Photo 24-1-12 2 17 14 PM
My friend's kids are so lovable, adorable and full of energy. Hehe we wanted them to stand properly and pose for a nice picture holding the mandarin oranges but they were more interested in showing us their kungfu skill :)

Photo 24-1-12 2 21 22 PM

Photo 24-1-12 6 59 09 PM

Photo 24-1-12 6 58 05 PM

Photo 24-1-12 10 23 56 PM
Fortune Bags Pizza From Pizza Hut For Dinner :)

Photo 24-1-12 10 24 19 PM

Photo 24-1-12 10 24 42 PM

Photo 25-1-12 3 36 18 PM
My brother and sister in law treated us to delicious Thai Food @ Thaitogo after our visit to their home :) The restaurant offers islandwide delivery service and their food is really delicious and the prices reasonable. I'm already planning to order from them through their website when my friends come over for Chinese New Year gatherings.

Photo 25-1-12 2 52 53 PM

Photo 25-1-12 2 56 40 PM

Photo 25-1-12 2 48 50 PM

Photo 25-1-12 2 49 05 PM

Photo 25-1-12 2 50 26 PM

Photo 25-1-12 2 51 18 PM

Photo 25-1-12 2 59 18 PM

Photo 25-1-12 5 12 18 PM

Photo 25-1-12 3 24 03 PM

Photo 25-1-12 3 02 31 PM

Photo 25-1-12 5 12 59 PM

Photo 25-1-12 5 11 03 PM

Photo 25-1-12 3 02 25 PM

Photo 25-1-12 5 11 51 PM