Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ALI - Don't Act Countrified MV

Heard this on cable channel KMTV recently and it's one of my current favorite Kpop songs.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KBS Star Date - Casts of Korean Drama "Brain"

I'm currently watching this interesting medical drama and will write about it soon. The bittersweet love story of the main characters remind me of my favorite medical drama "Surgeon Bong Dal Hee". Have a look at the interview of the main leads of the drama and the MV i found of the drama :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

特别的爱给特别的你 - 伍思凯

After listening to the 1 hour Sky Wu Special on radio Yes 93.3fm yesterday, i have been humming this classic song of his which i love a lot. Am thinking of going for his concert next month but the seats i want has already been sold out. Any Sky Wu fans out there who are going? Happy weekend everyone and hope you enjoy this song as much as i do ;)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

劉力揚 - 談感情MV

I heard this song earlier while listening to the radio and finds it really nice :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Delicious Dinner @ Xin Wang & Relaxing Time Reading 步步惊心 :)

Photo 17-2-12 10 11 07 PM

Reading my favorite book of the moment, 步步惊心 while waiting for hubby at Xin Wang for dinner. I have been spending the past few days reading it and strongly encourage those who loves the drama to get the book as it is really very well written and it has been a long time since i read a Chinese novel and enjoys it so much! Love the lovely writing and poems of the book and this is one of my favorite:

I have not been bringing my iPad 2 out recently since i have been hooked to the book and realized that although i love the convenience of reading e-books and e-magazines from my gadget, i still crave for and loves the feel of a physical book and it is such a simple joy to chance upon a good book and spend some relaxing time reading it :)

Photo 17-2-12 10 11 57 PM

Photo 17-2-12 10 11 36 PM

Photo 17-2-12 10 12 17 PM

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drink Water, Look Younger?


Water. It's the one drink that's free, it's everywhere, and yet, we're not getting enough of it. At the end of the day, however, its water that's keeping us all alive but…are you getting enough? If you're drinking coffee all day at work followed by a few glasses of wine at happy hour, you may be putting yourself in danger for dehydration-one of the biggest beauty busters out there!

Water is the largest component of the body and at birth; in fact, our entire being is about 85 percent water. Water is essential for nutrient digestion and absorption as well as electrolyte balance and proper cell function. To give you further perspective, you can actually live longer without food than you can without water. Obviously, we need water to survive, but have you ever considered the beauty benefits of water? If you've ever said on a cold winter day, "my skin is just thirty for moisture," then you do! Simply put, a hydrated body means hydrated, healthy glowing skin. Dehydration for skin can be a disaster-it can cause your skin to be dry, dull and lifeless. Hydrated skin has life, moisture and vitality.

How much water should you be chugging?
While most of us think the rule of thumb is eight glasses of water a day, it really will vary on a few different factors including:
  • Living in a higher altitude
  • Air travel
  • Fever
  • Working out in hot and very humid weather
  • Working outside for your job (construction, landscaping, etc) in hot or humid weather
  • Age - infants and older people are more prone to dehydration
  • Participating in Endurance athletic events
If none of these factors describes you, then nine to 13 cups a day should be sufficient. Don't forget, there are also plenty of healthy foods that pack water in as well. Lettuce, cucumber, watermelon, broccoli, cabbage and spinach happen to be over 90 percent water. These foods also provide you big beauty benefits as well due to their high vitamin and mineral content.
How can you get more water in without even thinking? Start carrying around a water bottle with you everywhere you go for starters and in addition to that, slowly start ditching your cola (or diet cola) habit at home, work and when dining out. Move beyond the lemons and limes and start jazzing up your water with fresh cucumbers, strawberries, orange segments or mint. Most importantly though, start taking a peek behind you when you go to the bathroom. Your urine should be pale yellow color; if it's the color of a banana, fill up that water bottle and for the sake of great health and great skin, start sipping!


Friday, February 17, 2012

US Drama Series - Pan Am



Passion, jealousy, espionage. They do it all and they do it at 30,000 feet. Mad Men's style meets Grey's Anatomy's entanglements in this thrilling and highly original new drama from producer Nancy Hult Ganis (a former stewardess), writer Jack Orman (ER) and director Tommy Schlamme (The West Wing). Pan Am is a new period drama that appears Sundays on ABC that revolves primarily around the lives of four Pan Am stewardesses, although the pilots are a large part of the story as well.



The show got my attention when i read about it recently on The Straits Times, Life section and the series has starting showing in Singapore on Starhub Cable TV (AXN Beyond Asia) on 11 February 2012, 9.50pm and has gotten great reviews online. However, the ratings in the US has not been satisfactory and there are constant rumors that Pan Am will not be having a second season to the disappointments of its fans outside of the US. The series is showing in the US till 19 February 2012 and its fate is still unknown. I managed to watch it online and loves its awesome and refreshing plot and the lovely fashion during the 1960s. Hopefully the series will have a second season as its such a pity to end it when alot of fans are looking forward to watching each new episode.


Pan Am is set in the 1960s and is about the pilots and flight attendants who once made Pan Am the most glamorous way to flyNamed for the iconic Pan American World Airways, the series focuses on the pilots and stewardesses of the airline as it operated in the early 1960s at the beginning of the commercial jet ageThe show is set in 1963; a lot of important historical events that happening around that time. The Cold War was getting hotter. JFK delivered his famous speech in Berlin. The civil rights and feminist movements were getting started. One of the incredible things about Pan Am is that it has managed to walk a very fine, but important line: it includes these things in its story, but still keeps the emphasis on its main characters. Although episodes of the series depict the characters in various cities around the world, the show is actually filmed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and other locations around New York City. The pilot was filmed, in part, at Gold Coast Studios in Bethpage on Long Island.



Actress Christina Ricci stars as Margaret "Maggie" Ryan, the flight crew's purser, who is not afraid to test the rules and her Pan Am superiors. Having climbed step-by-step up the social ladder to a better life and great opportunity, the resourceful, ambitious but stubborn Maggie is finally riding high and is determined not to fall. 

Picture 1

She is a go-getter and appears confident and well traveled in front of her fellow colleagues but she has lied and schemed her way into Pan Am. Maggie has struggled all her life to better her standing in the world. Ambition runs through her veins and now that she’s reached Pan Am, she has no intention of looking back. Maggie is attracted to the glitz and glam of this whole new world: exotic places, fascinating people, adventure and opportunity. As for her scrappy side, some would say she’s an instigator, that she relishes defying authority—all true; she wants to see what the world looks like standing on its head. The ultimate survivor, Maggie Ryan makes her own luck, climbs out of every hole (even those she’s dug for herself) and never ever pulls a punch. She falls for a congressman but the relationship failed after he discovered she had written an insulting article on the newspaper about him as she disagree with his political agenda.
















Margot Robbie stars as Laura Cameron, a stewardess newly out of training, and Kate Cameron's younger sister. Laura appears on the cover of Life magazine in her Pan Am uniform, making her a minor celebrity and a source of irritation for her older sister.

Picture 2

Laura has always been a mummy's girl and the good girl in the family. She finally decided to pursue her life and live for herself during her wedding day. She fled the wedding with her older sister's help and follows her to become a Pan Am stewardess so that she can travel around the world and find independence. She envies her sister for daring to say no to their mother and is full of respect for her. Laura is that pretty girl from high school; sweet, intelligent, well meaning. But oblivious to her own charms; she often unwittingly leaves a trail of heartbreak behind her. As the newest member of our Pan Am crew, Laura’s enthusiasm and curiosity abound. But her unquestioning openness to any new adventure often lands her in dangerous waters. Fortunately, her older sister, Kate, along with the other stewardesses, and the co-pilot Ted is always there for guidance and rescue.











Michael Mosley as Ted Vanderway, the crew's First Officer. Coming from a prominent family, Ted is bullish and self-assured, traits which don’t always serve him well; his ego can bruise more easily than he thinks. A self-proclaimed womanizer, he’s quick with the compliments but not so adept at handling the emotions.

Picture 3

He is bitter that he was passed over for promotion to Captain and Dean was chosen instead. Ted feels that he is more qualified and experienced for the job. A former United States Naval Aviator and test pilot, Ted was honorably discharged from the Navy after a Naval tribunal blamed him for the crash of an aircraft he was piloting even though his father (whose company manufactured the aircraft) admits to Ted in private that there was a mechanical problem and he had hided the truth. His father hurt him badly when he sacrificed Ted's dream of becoming an astronaut for monetary gain and Ted is constantly haunted by what happened in the Navy and his unjust discharged from the Navy. He appears to be a happy go lucky guy to his colleague and is always keeping an eye out for the stewardesses and helping them when they are in trouble. Ted is interested in Laura but she finds him an annoyance. The Twilight Saga's Ashley Greene guest starred as Amanda, a debutante who shares a past with Ted. Will sparks fly when the two meet again?









Karine Vanasse as Colette Valois, a resilient and selfless French Pan Am stewardess who has an innate understanding of international affairs, but is a searching wanderer when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Picture 4

Colette is the best friend you could ever have: empathetic; non-judgmental; tough when she has to be. Having lost her parents in World War II, she’s haunted by a sense of loss, a hole that cannot be filled. Her search for fulfillment sometimes results in bad decisions, notably those of a romantic nature. But when life kicks her down, Colette, the eternal optimist, looks at the bright side; and if you’re having a bad day, Colette will find the light in the darkness. She discovered in the first episode that the man she was seeing is actually married with a child when she was on the same flight as his family. she was hurt when his wife revealed that she is aware of the relationship and warned her from destroying her family. Colette gets along with everybody on the plane and she finds herself falling for Dean and is torn between love and friendship when his ex-fiancee Bridget who is also her best friend and fellow stewardess returns to fight back for his love after abandoning him in the first place.












Mike Vogel as Dean Lowrey, a Boeing 707 pilot recently promoted to Captain on Pan Am's international routes. While in flight he’s steadfast, confident, in control; but on the ground—in his personal life—not so much. Dean’s a rare breed: charming, sometimes drawn to the danger of romance; but also a believer in the power and redemption of true love.

Picture 5

He had been romantically involved with the crew's former purser, Bridget, and is now pursuing a relationship with Colette. He had wanted to married Bridget but she turned out to be a secret agent for the CIA and was forced to go into hiding when her identity was compromised. Dean was upset and deeply hurt when he found out that everything about her was a lie and she had just disappeared without a trace. He finds himself drawn to the kind and understanding Colette and their budding relationship ended up being tested by the return of Bridget who is determined to get Dean back.
















Kelli Garner as the competitive rebel Catherine "Kate" Cameron, an experienced, trilingual stewardess and Laura Cameron's older, head-strong sister. Kate left her sheltered life in East Granby, Connecticut to brave the world.

Picture 6

Competitive by nature, Kate has lived in the shadow of her younger sister, Laura, all of her life. Kate rebelled against the life that was chosen for her, that of a wife, a mother and instead spread her own wings to fly. Joining Pan Am was her escape; at least until Laura signed on. Now Kate must learn to manage her past with her present. But she takes on an even greater challenge when she agrees to spy for the CIA; a role which makes her unique as she navigates a whole new world of espionage and intrigue. During the pilot episode, Kate is recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency and starts taking early assignments as a covert operative. She demonstrates a flair for espionage that impresses her handlers, and she is promoted from courier to agent halfway through the series. She found the love of her life while on a spying mission but they are forced to separate due to her work.