Friday, July 27, 2012

The UNIQLO Sale Is Now On Till 2 August 2012

Shop the latest exclusive buys in-stores for this week only: women's 2-way Rib Laced Tank Top at $9.90, men's Roll-Up 3/4 Cargo Pants at $29.90, kids' AIRism Camisole at only $4.90, and more! Offers from now until 2 August, while stocks last.



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cooking Taro Rice With Happy Call Pan

This video recipe posted by Happy Call Yummies which i found from Youtube is really tempting me to get a Happy Call Pan too as it seems so easy and convenient cooking with a Happy Call Pan ;) I also found a lot of recipes using Happy Call Pan online and hope to try it out.  I have friends who seldom cook but have been cooking regularly since they bought their pan online from Korea. If you are also using the Happy Call Pan, do share if food really taste much better cooking with the pan compared to normal frying pan? 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Favorite Kway Chap For Breakfast @ Chong Pang Market :)

Photo 22-7-12 11 36 45 AM

KBS World Star Date - Yoon Sang-hyun (The Man With Beautiful Smile!)

For those who love watching Korean fantasy drama "Secret Garden" which is currently showing on Channel U, weekdays, 10pm and love the funny and lovable Hallyu star character Oska played by actor Yoon Sang-hyun, do check out his interview below :) 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review Of Clarins UV PLUS HP Day Screen High Protection Beige Shade

I have been planning to do a review of the skincare products i purchased from Clarins after my previous post about the lovely Clarins Skintime 30 experience i had in March 2012. I finally found the time to do so now after using the products for more than 3 months. I bought 3 products from my favorite Clarins counter at Tangs Orchard in March and i have finished using the UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection (Beige and Tinted shades) 5 days samples i received during the Skintime session and is currently using the Sunscreen Beige shade that i bought. I will share my thoughts on the other 2 products Pure & Radiant Mask with Pink Clay and White Plus HP Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel in a separate post real soon.


I blogged about Shiseido's latest sunscreen recently and it is the perfect sunscreen for water sports. I was at Metro Causeway Point yesterday and wanted to purchase it for my upcoming beach holiday but its out of stock. Hopefully i can get it before my trip. The Clarins sunscreen beige shade is my favorite sunscreen to apply when i'm going out as i love that it offers high SPF protection against the harmful UV rays and also provides sufficient coverage for me to hide my blemishes on days when my skin is giving me problems. I can skip the extra step of applying foundation or BB cream and step out of my house in a jiffy after applying just the Clarins sunscreen. The Sunscreen was also awarded Reader's Choice Best Anti-Ageing Sunscreen at Her World Beauty Awards 2012 and have received lot of good reviews online from users and beauty bloggers about how they love the product and would repurchase it despite its high price.


I have frequently read in health and beauty magazines and on beauty blogs the importance of applying sufficient sunscreen when we are going out as besides the dreaded hyperpigmentation, excessive exposure to the sun also causes premature aging. Since it occurs gradually, premature aging is often regarded as an unavoidable, normal part of growing older. However, up to 90% of the visible skin changes commonly attributed to aging are caused by the sun. With proper protection from UV radiation, most premature aging of the skin can be avoided. This popular sunscreen from Clarins has a new shade Beige on top of the regular Tinted and Neutral shade. This newest shade Beige is touted to give flawless and even-toned skin. It is to provide light coverage and is perfect for days without make-up.


I was willing to spend S$74 for Clarins 30ml sunscreen because i prefers light makeup and i was sold to the idea of getting a beige shade sunscreen that offers sufficient coverage and is light in texture and feels comfortable on my skin after i tried it during the Skintime 30 session. I consider spending S$74 for sunscreen quite expensive but am willing to part with the money since it works for my skin and provides sufficient UV coverage when i'm out. It is important for our skin to be protected from UVB & UVA from the sun. UVB rays affect the top layers of the skin & are responsible for burning. UVA rays affect the lower layers of the skin and are responsible for ageing. All sunscreens protect from UVB rays only. However a good UV protection product protect our skin from both UVB & UVA and the Cantaloupe Melon extract found in Clarins UV HP sunscreen also prevents sign of premature ageing such as excess dark spots & fine lines. The high performance day screen developed for city dwellers in order to maintain beautiful-looking skin.


I also love that its non-oily, non-sticky and has a light liquid texture which leaves a comfortable matt feel when i applied it on my face using the Clarins application method. Its lovely flora scent smells calming and did not irritate my skin. I find it really suitable for those with oily and combination skin types but might emphasize dry patches for those with dry skin. I also love its tinted shade after trying its 5 days sample and it makes a great makeup base and powder glides on more smoothly each time i was using the tinted shade sunscreen! I can also use it on its own and it adds a healthy radiant glow to my face :)


Photo 19-7-12 11 24 31 AM
Picture of me with no makeup and just the Clarins Sunscreen Beige Shade

I highly recommends Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF40 beige shade after using it for the past months and would repurchase the product again. You can request for a sample at the Clarins counters or book an appointment for the Skintime 30 at Clarins Facebook to try out the product before deciding if its worth spending S$74 for the sunscreen ;)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Evening Beauty Tips

Taking even a few minutes for a nighttime facial routine can improve the health and beauty of your skin.

After enduring makeup, oil, harsh weather, and pollution all day, your skin needs some tender loving care in the p.m. We know -- you're tired at night. But if you can, hold off on your shut-eye just long enough to follow these nighttime tips from Lisa Ginn, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist in Chevy Chase, Md.

Wash Your Face at Night
Stop! Don't slip into bed sans cleansing. Your makeup grinds into your skin all night, causing breakouts and even stretching out the pores, which makes your skin look older. Ginn recommends an oil-based makeup remover, which can handle even waterproof mascara without tugging delicate skin. Use a cotton pad to sweep the makeup remover over your skin, and follow up with a gentle face cleanser.

washing face

Boost Collagen With Vitamin A
As you get older, collagen production in your skin decreases. "If you never stopped making collagen and never damaged collagen, you would never get a wrinkle, your pores would stay small, you'd never get a scar, and your skin would stay nice and tight," says Ginn. "Collagen is key." To stimulate collagen production, which will help smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of pores, Ginn recommends applying vitamin A in the form of either a prescription or over-the-counter retinoid every night. As a bonus, retinoids can help lighten brown spots.

Apply Eye Cream
For refreshed-looking peepers, "eye cream is a must," says Ginn. Skin around the eyes is thinner than elsewhere on the body, and as you age it becomes even thinner, which can result in under-eye circles and hollowing. Ginn says to look for an eye cream or serum with vitamins A, C, E, or K, which help repair the skin and lighten dark circles. If you use a serum, you'll need a light eye cream on top of that to keep the skin hydrated.

Switch Up Your Sleep Sides
Ginn says she can tell what side a patient sleeps on because that half of her face has more fine lines. Some experts recommend anti-wrinkle pillows, but before you go to the expense, Ginn recommends starting out the night on the side you don't usually sleep on. Even if you end up flipping over in your sleep -- which you probably will -- you'll spend less time with one side of your face smooshed into the pillow. Or try sleeping on your back.

Be Happy
Ginn emphasizes that to look good, you need to feel good. "A happy face -- the lines are so worth it," says Ginn. "Just take time to enjoy life. What's going on on the inside is surely going to reflect on the outside." So spend a few minutes reading a funny book or watching a humorous YouTube clip, go for a walk, call a friend, or enjoy a piece of exquisite dark chocolate. All in the name of beauty!

Hand and Foot Beauty Tips
Your face isn't the only skin that needs tender loving care. Check out these expert for perfecting your tootsies and hands at night.

Foot care. A few nights per week, rub your toes and heels with a lotion containing 12% lactic acid, which helps slough off dry skin. Top this lotion with a heavier cream, such as one made with shea butter or glycerin. Then slip on a pair of socks over the creams and call it a night. However, Ginn warns against wearing socks every night as the warm, moist environment is the perfect environment for fungal infections.

Hand care. It's hard to use a heavy-duty hand cream during the day without leaving greasy residue all over your computer keyboard and work papers. So at night, break out the big guns, like shea butter. Slather it into your hands and cuticles before hitting the hay.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Linda Chung - The Most Blissful Thing MV

I have been watching Linda Chung's new TVB romance police drama "Witness Insecurity" and finds the drama interesting. It has also been getting good ratings in Hong Kong. I love Linda's pairing with Bosco Wong in the drama and will write more about the drama soon. I like the theme song of the drama sang by Linda and do check out the MV and her live performance below:

Pictures Taken @ Singapore Garden Festival 2012

Photo 15-7-12 11 44 30 AM

Photo 14-7-12 4 52 08 PM

Photo 14-7-12 4 50 39 PM

Photo 14-7-12 4 49 58 PM

Photo 14-7-12 10 09 07 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 10 35 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 10 50 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 10 30 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 11 22 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 16 34 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 15 36 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 16 11 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 18 04 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 17 48 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 18 53 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 20 24 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 21 31 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 20 52 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 21 38 PM

Photo 12-7-12 4 36 34 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 21 56 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 22 25 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 25 31 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 24 58 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 25 59 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 26 56 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 26 32 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 27 28 PM

Photo 12-7-12 4 41 03 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 43 50 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 39 04 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 38 47 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 28 16 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 29 48 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 29 55 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 30 29 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 30 43 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 31 01 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 31 42 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 32 42 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 35 49 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 37 09 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 37 13 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 42 16 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 43 11 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 43 18 PM

Photo 12-7-12 4 39 28 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 45 43 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 46 18 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 46 32 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 46 57 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 45 59 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 47 46 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 52 45 PM

Photo 12-7-12 2 02 22 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 57 16 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 57 40 PM

Photo 12-7-12 2 00 41 PM

Photo 12-7-12 2 01 17 PM

Photo 12-7-12 2 01 28 PM

Photo 14-7-12 10 01 51 PM

Photo 14-7-12 10 02 48 PM

Photo 12-7-12 11 36 46 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 36 51 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 36 58 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 37 05 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 36 19 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 43 37 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 42 52 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 35 03 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 33 30 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 37 31 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 39 17 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 39 42 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 40 16 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 42 00 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 49 03 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 45 16 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 46 01 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 46 19 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 47 46 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 57 55 AM

Photo 12-7-12 12 02 32 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 02 45 PM

Photo 12-7-12 11 50 43 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 53 56 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 54 08 AM

Photo 12-7-12 11 56 05 AM

Photo 14-7-12 10 04 42 PM

Photo 14-7-12 10 06 37 PM

Photo 14-7-12 10 08 15 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 26 42 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 26 51 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 27 44 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 32 59 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 34 01 PM
Photo 12-7-12 12 36 51 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 37 48 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 38 27 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 38 38 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 57 02 PM

Photo 12-7-12 1 56 49 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 38 46 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 41 43 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 43 23 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 49 13 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 46 31 PM

Photo 12-7-12 12 57 04 PM