Monday, September 24, 2012

I Love Fancl's Limited Edition Mild Cleansing Oil

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I have been using Fancl's best seller, the Mild Cleansing Oil (MCO) for several years and love that it is really convenient and easy to use and helps to remove my makeups and sunscreen easily. It helps me to minimize the time it takes to remove makeup, while maximizing on skincare. Although it is an oil-based cleanser, it leaves behind no oily residue, because the oil uses nano-technology to break down makeup which washes away easily. 

On top of gently and thoroughly removing all makeup, MCO also helps refine the complexion. Using Meadow Foam Oil, it targets and clears keratin plugs from pores, enabling skin to become smoother and clearer with each use. MCO is formulated with a special Smooth Cushion Oil, which enables effortless application to minimize friction and also keeps skin moisturized by protecting skin’s powerful natural humectant, Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid (PCA). Additionally, Rosehip Oil reduces stress on skin during cleansing with gentle anti-inflammatory properties, enhancing skin smoothness.

The MCO is also really value for money and i usually finish a bottle in 2-3 months time. I have tried cleansing oil from other popular brands like DHC, Kose, Biore, Bio-essence and SK-II but still prefers my trusty Fancl MCO as it does not irritates my skin even when i'm having the occasional breakouts :)

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I normally stock up on Fancl's limited edition design MCO the moment it is for sales as i love its lovely and cute design. I have just stocked up on Fancl's latest limited edition MCO last week and was given some samples to try after the friendly staff helped me to do a quick skin check. I have finished using the Lotion Light samples which is a moisturizing toner suitable for my skin condition and will be making a purchase as i love how my skin feels hydrated, comfortable and refreshed after i patted it lightly on my face and neck.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lovely Time Spent Hanging Out With My Best Friend :)

I have not been feeling well lately and have been spending lot of time at home and was feeling really bored. I was feeling better this week and was glad to spend the past 2 days hanging out with my best friend from my primary school days. It has been a long time since we last met up and we had alot of fun catching up, going shopping and singing Karaoke at Partyworld :) I discovered a lovely song from Tanya Chua titled "Beautiful Day" thanks to my friend who was singing it and can't wait to try singing the song during my next Karaoke session. You can view its MV below:

I also bought a lovely top from my favorite shop "Purpur" which is having 30% storewide discount till 16 September 2012 for its members. Do visit its stores if you are member too to check out its lovely clothes ;)

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sharon Kwan 關詩敏 - First Love 魔法愛情 MV

Sharon Kwan, the winner of popular Taiwanese singing contest "Chinese Million Star" 超級星光大道 has finally released her debut album which is produced by David Tao, one of the judges from the show. Do check out the lovely song MV below: