Monday, December 31, 2012

Post Xmas & Early New Year Celebrations With My Buddies :)

Hubby and i spent the last weekend of 2012 having a lovely time at home with my best friends and their family. We love playing with their kids and feasting on a yummy lunch cooked by my mum. 2012 has been a great year for us and we are looking forward to welcoming our little bundle of joy in 2013. We have been busy preparing for his arrival in March and having a fun time shopping for baby products and we are really thankful for all the useful advices given by our friends and family :) 






I'm also thankful for the opportunities to review and share some of my favorite skincare products with readers of my blog and a big thanks to some of my favorite beauty brands for the sponsorship! I hope to share more interesting and useful skincare products and entertaining drama series in 2013 to all dear readers of my blog. Thanks for dropping by and hope 2013 will be an awesome and happy new year for everyone.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Gifts Ideas From My Favorite Online Retailer - Doorstep Luxury

Its less than a week to Christmas and for those who have been busy with work and could not find the time to shop for Christmas gifts for your loved ones or wish to avoid the last minute shopping crowds at the shopping malls, you can consider shopping online at my favorite online retailer Doorstep Luxury where i bought my 2 beloved Cambridge Satchel bags ;) Here are some lovely items from the store which caught my attention.

Perfect Gift for the Girlfriends/Wives - Carrie K "Love" Necklace S$150

Perfect Gift for the Girlfriends/best friends - Cambridge Satchel Company Special Edition Satchel (11 inch) S$250

Perfect Gift for the boyfriends/husbands - Cambridge Satchel Company Special Edition Satchel (14 inch) S$290

Perfect gift for the mums - Choo Yilin Jade Petal Pendant Necklace  S$240

Monday, December 17, 2012

Review Of Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA+++

Introducing Sunplay's New and Improved Sunscreen :)

Tired of greasy, strong-smelling sunscreen? Skin Aqua is ultra light with its Japanese watery liquid texture. The lotion is comfy and absorbs quickly without giving a white cast. It is non-greasy with a matt powdery finish for the perfect make-up primer. Non-sticky no matter how many times you re-apply.


Applying sufficient sunscreen is an essential part of my daily skincare routine and i would not step out of my house without it even if i'm just going out for awhile. It has become even more important since i'm pregnant as pregnant women are more sensitive to the sun and it is important to apply sufficient amount of sunscreen daily to prevent dark spots from appearing. You should always apply sunscreen regardless whether you are indoor or outdoor as the harmful UV rays can also get through the windows in your homes and offices during the daytimes. 

I was delighted to be provided with Sunplay's new Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk for review and could not wait to give it a try. It is fragrance, color, alcohol and oil free, and is suitable for all skin types. Read on for more information about the product and my review.

Photo 3-12-12 11 50 31 AM
My lovely package from Sunplay :)

Photo 15-12-12 11 35 04 AM

Skin Aqua has Solarex-3, a revolutionary formula with 3 comprehensive levels of UV defense. It protects skin from surface to deep within for long hours. Super hydrating too!

The New Generation Solarex-3 (3-in-1 Sun Protection)
1) Long Lasting, Superior UV Protection: Advanced photo-stability with the highest UVA & UVB protection for long periods of safe sun exposure. UV rays are reflected away like from a mirror.

2) UV Anti-Aging Protection: Two powerful anti-aging ingredients, RonaCare Exotin and French Golden Algae, help to prevent pigmentation and wrinkles from surface to deep within.

3) Intense Hydration (Dryness Protection): Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen & Vitamin E intensely hydrate and lock-in moisture for long hours, so skin stays refreshingly moist.

Photo 15-12-12 11 35 16 AM

I started using the sunscreen during the weekend and i love its light watery texture which absorbs into my skin easily like my favorite Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF 50 PA+++ which is more expensive. Both products helps to protect my skin from the dreaded UVA and UVB rays while helping it to stay hydrated and fresh for the whole day. Skin feels so soft and smooth after applying Sunplay sunscreen and it makes a great makeup base too as powder glided smoothly on my skin. I was able to apply my SK-II Cellumination Pancake with ease. This sunscreen is definitely a keeper and really value for money. 

Photo 15-12-12 11 38 42 AM

The Sunplay Skin Aqua range is available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Unity and other major department stores and retails for S$17.20. Do give it a try if you are looking for a new sunscreen :) You can also check out Sunplay Facebook for more updates and promotions.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review Of SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

I did a review of SexyLook Extreme Whitening Mask previously and was pleased with the results after using the masks. I gave some to my friends as good things are meant to be shared and they also feedback that they enjoyed using the masks too. I was delighted to received another box of SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting mask from for review :) 

Photo 1-12-12 9 21 49 AM
 Photo 1-12-12 9 24 22 AM

Enriched with Malachite, Peptide-5 and Platinum nanoparticles, it is perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles as the essence is rapidly absorbed into the skin layer. It also contains tranexamic acid, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, West Indian Cherry extract, Vitamin B3 for brightening effect.

SEXY LOOK Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask.png

The Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting mask comes in a box with 5 pieces of masks and the design and texture of the mask is the same as the Extreme Whitening mask and also comes with ear hooks which helps to provide a lifting and tightening effect. 

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 3.41.46 PM

The mask is also generously filled with essence and i was able to see some brightening and lifting results after 20 minutes of relaxing masking time :) Skin also feel well hydrated, supple and firm. I find the masks really affordable and value for money and would definitely repurchase it again. It might feel abit tight and uncomfortable for those with bigger face shape like me but as the mask is stretchable, you can stretch it gently to fit your face shape and it would not tear that easily. 

You can purchase the masks for S$7.95 from Watsons or Do like Secretive Facebook and Sexylook Facebook for more updates and latest promotions.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Reviews Of Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D Masks

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 3.05.06 PM

Lovemore has introduced a new series of its super kawaii My Melody masks  and i have been using Lovemore masks once to twice a week as part of my skincare regime and once again i'm impressed by this new masks :) Thanks Sarina for sending me the masks and Sexylook masks for review. I saw the new My Melody 3D masks on sales awhile back at Watsons and was attracted to its cute design being a My Melody fan myself and was happy to receive it for review. 

Photo 1-12-12 9 20 08 AM

My Melody Oil Free 3D mask is specially formulated with France Bretagne’s Gulf Stream Sea Water (enriched with over 90 types of natural minerals), the essence can be easily absorbed by skin. Skin cells are better revitalized and moisture level if greatly increase. Together with the oil-control property, the mask 3D contour fit makes sure that the essence is fully absorbed. Skin feels fresh and shine free after usage. 

Photo 1-12-12 9 20 37 AM
I almost could not bear to tear open the packaging as it is so cute!!!

There are 2 types of masks in this series:

My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask is enriched with marine collagen, keeping skin hydrated and shine-free.

My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask PR.jpg.jpg

My Melody Oil Free Whitening 3D Fitting Mask is enriched with Vitamin C and Buddleja, provides protection against environmental stressors.

My Melody Oil Free Whitening 3D Fitting Mask PR.jpg.jpg

I tried both masks last week and they were generously filled with essence when i opened the packaging. I'm happy to report that the essence did not dripped out when i applied the mask on my face. The masks also smell lovely and its light scent was not too overpowering.
Photo 2-12-12 5 48 21 PM

The masks fit my face shape perfectly and i could move around easily although it does not come with ear hooks like the masks from Sexylook. It feels really soothing on my face and i really enjoyed the 20 minutes of relaxing masking time :) It left no stickiness on my face after i remove the mask and skin feels supple and hydrated after i lightly patted the remaining essence. Skin feels comfortable, non oily and more hydrated for the rest of the day. As for the whitening mask, skin also feels well hydrated and comfortable and i do notice  the mask does help to brighten my skin abit for the rest of the day. There is not much lifting effect and you can consider the Sexylook masks if your concern is more on lifting and whitening. Do look out for my Sexylook mask review coming up soon. 

Photo 2-12-12 5 51 41 PM

I will definitely purchase the masks again and it gives me more choices when i'm looking for masks to purchase. It would also make a really lovely Christmas gift for friends who love My Melody. You can purchase the masks at Watsons or online at Do like Secretive Facebook and Lovemore Facebook for more updates and latest promotions. Have a great week ahead everyone :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SK-II Christmas Sets 2012


An exclusive ROCHAS & SK-II collaboration to add a festive twist to the classic Facial Treatment Essence bottle. In addition to the luxury brand's famous lace pattern, this limited edition bottle is also adorned with festive elements like soft frosted glass and red and silver tones. Its the perfect Christmas gift and an instant icon of both beauty and skincare.


I love shopping and stocking up on my favorite beauty products during Christmas time as there are always lovely Christmas sets on sales at my favorite beauty brands like SK-II, Shiseido, Clarins, Fancl and Clinique etc. For fellow SK-II users, Christmas is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite SK-II products as each festive sets contains a whole regimen and is beautifully packaged and ready to be placed under the tree and presented to your love ones or for yourself ;) 

I love SK-II Christmas sets as it always come with really useful travel sized products and my favorite masks at no extra cost. My favorite set this year is the Revival set and hubby has generously gifted me the Revival set as Christmas gift :) This is my third SK-II Christmas sets from hubby since i started using SK-II products and he does not even have to ask me what gift i hope to receive for Christmas ;)

Photo 23-11-12 1 24 32 PM
My SK-II Christmas Revival Set :)
Photo 23-11-12 1 24 52 PM

Photo 23-11-12 1 25 08 PM

The Revival set contains the new stempower which replaces my favorite skin signature moisturizer which i'm using and is really effective in helping my skin to stay firm and wrinkle free. I'm currently using my last bottle of skin signature and can't wait to try out stempower which contains even more powerful skincare ingredients than skin signature and users supposedly observed even better results after usage.

SK-II Pitera Revival Set
Feel the youthful beauty of 10 years ago with this anti-ageing regime
- Facial Treatment Essence 215ml (full size)
- Stempower 80g (full size)
- Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Cream 15ml
- Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 20g
- Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40ml
- Signs Eye Mask 1 pc
- Skin Signature 3D Refining Mask 1 pc
- Facial Treatment Repair C 15ml


I strongly encourage fellow SK-II users to try out SK-II's latest skin analysis using its Magic Ring which is a skin imaging unit available at selected SK-II counters when you are purchasing your preferred Christmas set as the skin test will help you gain a better understanding of your skin condition. 

The Magic Ring Skin check helps to determine the age of your skin by measuring the angle of fine lines and charting the degree of incline. The Magic Ring also measures Texture Refinement, Radiance Enhancement, Spots Control, Firmness and Wrinkle Resilience, giving you an intimate look at the 5 dimensions of your skin. 


I gave it a try last month at Metro Woodlands and will be sharing my experience soon. You can check out more lovely SK-II festive sets below and get more information from their Facebook page

SK-II Deluxe Special Set
$323 worth $451
Get more out of your crystal clear experience with this expanded regimen
- Facial Treatment Essence 215ml (full size)
- Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 215ml (full size)
- Facial Treatment Cleansing Cream 15g
- Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 20g
- Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 20ml
- Facial Treatment Mask 2 pcs
- Stempower 15g

SK-II Pitera Aura Set
$508 worth $710
Active ingredients work from the cellular level to give a beautiful, highly defined, and aura bright complexion
- Facial Treatment Essence 215ml (full size)
- Cellumination Essence EX 50ml (full size)
- Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 20g
- Cellumination Mask-In Lotion 30ml
- Facial Treatment Repair C 15ml
- Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask 1 pc
- Cellumination Deep Surge EX 15g
SK-II His & Hers Set
$392 worth $ 526
Share the miracle of Pitera with your partner and enjoy vibrant and crystal clear skin together
- SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence 150ml (full size)
- Facial Treatment Essence 215ml (full size)
- SK-II Men Moisturizing Cleanser 20g
- Sk-II Men Age Revitalize Moisturizer 20g
- Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 20g
- Facial Treatment Mask 2 pcs
SK-II Pitera Inspiration Set
$1327 worth $1993
Experience the power and luxury of highest concentrated Pitera and achieve crystal clear skin in as early as 3 days
- LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence 150ml (full size)
- LXP Ultimate Perfecting Serum 50ml (full size)
- LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream 50g (full size)
- Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 120g (full size)
- LXP Activating Massage Fluid 200g (full size)
- Facial Treatment Mask 3 pcs
- Signs Eye Mask 6 pcs
- Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask 6 pcs
- Skin Signature Eye Cream 15g (full size)
SK-II Pitera Essence Set
$99 worth $142
The journey to crystal clear skin starts here
- Facial Treatment Essence 75ml
- Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40ml
- Facial Treatment Mask 1 pc

SK-II Fill-at-Will Set
Spend at least $450 on SK-II products including a bottle of Facial Treatment Essence 215ml to get the following:
- Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40ml
- Facial Treatment Mask 1 pc
- Facial Treatment Essence 30ml
- Facial Treatment Repair C 15ml
- Stempower 15g

Happy Christmas Shopping for your favorite beauty sets everyone :)

(Source: SK-II Mailers for members)