Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Family Lunch @ Empire State Restaurant

Baby J eating his yummy packed lunch from Petit Bowl while his daddy and mummy enjoy our delicious lunch at Empire State restaurant. He is dressed in his new Le Petit Society Clothes and looks good in them. I like that their clothes are so comfortable to wear in our hot Singapore weather :) 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Qixi & Valentine's Day :)

Spending this special day with my dear boy hehe he looks so cute in his Chinese New Year clothes that his dear mummy bought for him :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tasty & Healthy Baby Food From Petit Bowl

Frozen meals from Petit Bowl in my freezer

I mentioned in my previous post about purchasing frozen baby food online from Petit Bowl and i'm so glad that baby J has been enjoying his Petit Bowl meals. I'm so happy that he has also started to enjoy eating beef which he hates in the past. The beef dishes from Petit Bowl are really delicious unlike the bottled beef baby food i fed baby J. I have been feeding baby J a lot of Petit Bowl meals while we are out visiting this Chinese New Year as it is so convenient to prepare and bring it out. 

Happy and satisfied baby J after enjoying his Petit Bowl meals :)

My baby will be 1 year old next month and he has been showing a lot of interest in the food we are having and i have been hoping to find the time to prepare more variety of food for him as he eats fish or chicken porridge with vegetables daily. However he has developed separation anxiety recently and sticks closely to me at times and refused to play on his own and i have difficulty spending too much time preparing his meals for him. I wanted to introduce other meat dishes like beef, pasta to his daily meals and I was so happy to have discovered Petit Bowl from reading past issues of Young Parents Magazines. 

Hidden Vegetable Pasta

Blueberry Yogurt

I decided to order from Petit Bowl as i love that their meals contains no salt, sugar, MSG and their delivery services have been really prompt and i usually receives my orders within 2 days of ordering online. Baby J's top favorites are their Blueberry Yogurt, Braised Beef & Barley Pot, Hidden Vegetable Pasta and Sole Fish Casserole with rice and he finishes everything up which makes his daddy and mummy very happy :) I'm so glad and thankful that my boy is a little foodie like his mummy.

Its really easy and convenient to prepare the meals and i just steam the food for about 20 minutes and add some milk or water to his casserole with rice so that its like porridge and not too dry. The meals from Petit Bowl smells really good and hubby could not resist eating some too. I have just received my 3rd order of another 2 weeks worth of meals for baby J today. However some of baby J's favorite dishes like the hidden vegetable pasta and braised beef & barley pot were sold out and hopefully there will be new stocks soon and i can order more for him.

Read on for more information about Petit Bowl  (information provided by Petit Bowl) 

At Petit Bowl we believe that healthy eating habits should start at the beginning. We are here to be a feeding solution for parents in Singapore, by providing gourmet wholesome frozen meals for babies & toddlers.

Freshness & Quality:
A common misconception is that frozen food is not as nutritious as fresh. However by freezing immediately after cooking, their quick-frozen food is just as nutritious as fresh, and will remain so for about two months in the freezer. 

Our dishes can be ready in just minutes - either microwave for 2-3 mins or steam for 20-30 mins. Time saved on meal preparation and be spent on bonding with your children!

Variety & Nutrition Balance:
Our menu features over 100 flavours from Chinese to Western, as well as exotic ingredients like swede and parsnip. We provide meal planner services to assist clients to introduce new tastes and textures to their children.

Healthy & Wholesome:
We do not add extra salt or sugars. Our dishes are ingredient-centric and we do not bulk up products with water.

For a first-taste of Petit Bowl, readers can try out our Best Weekly Deal ($79), a bundle that consists of 3x fish, 2x seafood, 3x chicken, 3x beef and 3x vegetable (of the textured range).

Petit Bowl has kindly agreed to sponsor 3 of my readers $50 food vouchers each and all you have to do is leave a comment on why you wish to try the meals at Petit Bowl with your name and email address and i will randomly pick 3 lucky winners. The contest close on 14 February 2013 and I will reveal the winners on 15 February 2014. Do check back to this page to find out if you have won :)

Do note that winners must redeem the voucher at Petit Bowl by providing your name and contact when you drop by their store. You have 3 months to redeem the voucher. Good luck ;)

Results of Giveaway (Updated 15 Feb 2014)

Dear mummies, thanks for taking part in the giveaway and sharing your thoughts about Petit Bowl. Here are the 3 lucky winners and i hope your kids will enjoy the meals from Petit Bowl like my boy :) Please email me at with your full name and contact numbers by 17 February so that i can forward your information to Petit Bowl for the redemption. Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chinese Drama 兰陵王 Prince of Lan Ling OST - 手掌心MV (Della丁噹)

I have been watching this 2013 Chinese period drama "兰陵王 Prince of Lan Ling" and its a really entertaining and touching romance drama. I love the beautiful love story between Ariel Lin's character (Yang Xue Wu) and Feng Shao Feng (Prince Lan Ling). Daniel Chan's portrayal of Yuwen Yong, King of Northern Zhou was really good and i could not help liking his character more than the main character, the Prince of Lan Ling. He did a great job in acting out the evil and human side of Yuwen Yong making viewers fond of his character even though he is supposed to be one of the baddies in the show.

The ending theme song by Della Ding Dang is really nice and i just purchased the song from iTunes store. You can check out the song MV below and watch the drama online at (蘭陵王/).