Monday, June 30, 2014

Happiness Is ....

Shopping for pretty Melissa shoes online at Zalora. Check out my top favorites below ;)

Do check out Zalora SG for more updates and promotions. Happy shopping and have a great week ahead :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun & Relaxing Family Staycation At Resorts World Sentosa :)

Hubby and i took our boy for a lovely stay cation in May at Resorts World Sentosa and we stayed 2 nights at the Hard Rock Hotel. We had a lovely time at its beautiful swimming pool with our boy and i love the man made sandy beach there. My boy was initially afraid of the water and sand but luckily there were some kids playing in the water and we managed to distract him from his fear. We were happy to see our boy having fun and relaxing in the water. He even played with some sand on my hand. We also had a fun time at Universal Studio and Sea Aquarium and here are some overdue pictures of our fun trip that i wish to share with everyone :) Can't wait to go back again soon.

Snack time at Ocean restaurant 

Sea Aquarium

Baby J loves the huge bed and more space for him to crawl and roll around ;) He was reading one of his favorite books and i'm so happy that he loves reading like his parents.

Tired after a long and exciting day

I got hubby to pack back some yummy food from Malaysian Food Street nearby the hotel so that we could feast away while our boy zzz hehe ;) Love its ngor hiang and carrot cake :)

Breakfast @ Universal Studio

Changing baby J into his new swimming suit which i bought from Fox. Swimming time!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lovely Dinner @ Seaside Restaurant Beaulieu House Sembawang Park

Hubby and i took our boy to Sembawang Park during the weekend for some outdoor fun. It has been more than a year since we last dined at Beaulieu House as we had avoided going there while Sembawang Park was undergoing some upgrading work. The upgrading work has been completed for sometime and i'm glad that we finally have the time to revisit the place with my boy. There is a new boardwalk next to the beach and we were able to take a nice stroll before dinner. My boy loves the outdoor and he had a great time there. He also loves the restaurant and we were lucky to get a table near the entrance so that he could see the sea and greenery outside. Food was good and we had a lovely time at the park and will definitely be back soon :)

Beaulieu House

Special ice cream treat for my boy :)

Our happy boy back home after his fun outing with mummy and daddy :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Farewell To My Favorite Spain...World 2014

I have been a huge supporter of Spain and their Tiki Taka style of play since the Euro Cup 2008 and have been following all their matches for World Cup 2010 and Euro Cup 2012. It was always such a joy watching them performing their magic and winning the matches. Sergio Ramos, Xavi Hernandez, Fernando Torres and Cesc Fabregas are some of my favorite players in the Spanish team. However it has been a disappointing World Cup campaign for them this time round and i woke up at 3am to catch their first game against the Netherlands and could not believe it when they were trashed 5-1! It was a nightmare when they lose their 2nd match this week 2-0 to Chile and will have to exit the tournament early :( Farewell to a great team and less matches for me to follow in the early mornings…

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Great Deal For Watsons Baby Wipes

I blogged previously about how useful Watsons new baby wipes are and i use it for cleaning up after feeding my boy and when we are dining out to clean the dirty highchairs in the restaurants and especially at the food courts. Watsons is currently having a good deal for the product and its till 25 June 2014 and while stocks last. Do check it out at your nearest Watsons store. I know i will be stocking up on them ;)

(Source: Watsons Facebook Page)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happiness is...

being able to spend precious time with my dear boy who seems to be growing up really quickly recently. He can play on his own for longer period of time although i must be in the same room with him. I can sneak out sometimes to do some chores when he is very engrossed in his toys or watching his favorite Hi5 on Disney Junior at times. He is still very attached to me and will cry or try to follow me when i step out from the room and i hope it will ease soon when he starts Playgroup end of the year. I have finally registered him and plans to let him start school when he is around 19-20 months old so that he can still be with me the whole day for a longer time hehe :) I admit that i'm a helicopter mum and have started to worry if he will be bullied by the other kids and hubby has been advising me to learn to let go at times.

Shopping at Sembawang Shopping Centre

Bubble fun at the playground

Developments wise, my dear boy can now better express himself and has started to be quite demanding at times and gets upset if we do not let him try the food we are eating. He is a late walker and has only started to walk a few steps on his own this month but he loves to walk while holding on to my fingers. He loves to talk and has been babbling a lot and is able to say ball, meow and hello. He has started to be more playful and loves having visitors to our house. He enjoys all the attention and has a fun time playing with my mum, cousin and aunt. I'm really thankful that he is a foodie like me and loves all his meals that i prepare for him including meals from Petit Bowl and prays hard that he will continue to enjoy his meals and is eager to try new food. He loves to go out nowadays and i can finally spend more time shopping and dinning outside hehe ;) Life as a SAHM is starting to get really exciting :)

 Happy boy eating his favorite hotcakes and scrambled egg at Mcdonalds with my cousin and me

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Muji Introduces Kids Line @ New Store In VivoCity :)

Hubby and i are huge fans of Japanese brand Muji as we love its simple designed products. We have a lot of its furniture and household items at home and also love its yummy snack especially the crunchy and delicious nacho cheese. I just found out from My Paper today that Muji has opened its largest store in Singapore at VivoCity!  More exciting news….it will be the first store in Singapore to introduce its Kids Line! The wide range of designs includes T-shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, leggings, raincoats and innerwear for babies, juniors and toddlers. Tailored mainly from organic cotton, the apparel is perfect for our humid climate. It's also laundry-friendly with easy to dry features. 

I can't wait to check out its latest store soon to get more stylish and comfortable clothes for my boy and stock up on my favorite Muji snacks :) Visited its Paragon store during the weekends and could not find my favorite Nacho cheese :( Fellow fans of the brand must check it out soon too and you can also find out Muji's latest news and promotions at its Facebook page.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watsons Baby Wipes

I was shopping at Watsons recently and discovered that they had changed the packaging for their baby wipes and my boy was attracted to its cute animals design. I have been using Pigeon baby wipes for my boy's diaper change and cleaning up when feeding him as it can get really messy when he feeds himself. The Watsons baby wipes are perfect for cleaning up when feeding my boy and wiping the dirty highchairs when we dine outside as it is much cheaper and cost only $2 per pack. I also like that it is made in Singapore and does not irritate my boy's skin although i would still prefer to use my trusty Pigeon wipes for his diaper change. Do give it a try and hope it can also help you to save on baby wipes expenses ;)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Korean Drama Medical Top Team OST - Can You Feel It (Melody Day)

If you love watching Korean medical dramas like "Brain", i highly recommend this 2013 Korean medical drama "Medical Top Team" which i have been watching recently online. It is a fast paced and exciting drama which will keep you hooked to every episodes. I also find the pairing of Joo Ji Hoon and Jung Ryeo Won refreshing and likes Jung Ryeo Won's character in the show. She was not all goody two shoes like the typical drama heroine and has her ambitious and selfish sides too which i like...Girl Power rocks hehe ;) Read on to find out more about the drama.

Kwanghyhe University Hospital has many weaknesses. Like in every other hospital, patients suffer from their ailments, and often unnecessarily, die at the hands of their physicians. But Kwanghye has one strength. When there's no hope left, when all the options have run out, when it seems like the end for the sick and dying, they call in their Top Team; a group of resident doctors, each at the peak of their respective fields. With this dream team, no patient is too sick, no illness too incurable, no surgery too complicated, no recovery too impossible. On the outside, they are the best the modern world of medicine has to offer- brilliant young men and women who genuinely care for the sick.

But everything is never as it seems. On the inside of this league of medical geniuses, there is a power struggle brewing. When misunderstandings occur and cracks appear in the very foundations of what holds them together, will they stand united, their principles and consciences intact? Or will they take the fall, choosing fame and ambition over what was once so simple-saving lives? Delve into this world of intellectuals and prodigies, see what makes them tick and witness how in the end, it all comes down to sheer willpower to survive in the world of medicine. 

I also love its OST "Can You Feel It" featured in the drama and do check out its MV below :)


Yummy Brownie From Korea :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Yummy Family Lunch @ Crystal Jade :)

My boy loves dinning at Crystal Jade Woodlands and he loves their Bo Lo Bao with butter :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review Of Kidsme Multi-function Food Scissors

Check out my recent online purchase which i highly recommends for fellow mummies whose children are starting on solids :) I bought the Kidsme Food Scissors online for my boy at Totsworld and i like that i can use it to cut, mash and pick up food which is really convenient for busy mummies like me. The Kidsme Food Scissors feature stainless steel cutlery-grade blades that allow us to safely, easily and efficiently cut our children's food into small pieces.

My boy loves to eat noodles and spaghetti nowadays and i was looking for a good quality food scissors that i can use to cut his food into smaller pieces to make it easier and safer to feed him or for him to feed himself ;) Even choking hazards like meat or fruits can be mashed into safe bite-sized pieces using the Kidsme Food Scissors. 

My dear baby J all ready for his mealtime. He is also a foodie like his mummy ;)

The Kidsme Food Scissors retails for only S$16.90 and i was really satisfied with my purchase which i received within 2 days using normal mail.  I told my best friend about my latest find and she also bought it for her baby who has started on solid food recently. Hope this post will be useful for fellow mummies with kids starting on solid food. Happy shopping ;)