Thursday, December 17, 2015

Korea Drama - Bubblegum


One of my favourite pastimes is watching dramas after my boy has zzzz. If you are looking for a sweet and heartwarming romance drama to watch, do check out Korean drama Bubblegum :) It is the only Korean drama that captured my interest recently. I have been watching lot of Japanese dramas instead as i don't find the latest dramas showing in Korea interesting. Will blog about the Japanese dramas i'm watching if i have the time.

Bubblegum tells the story of people with deficiencies, becoming a little happier just by being with one another. It will take place in a broadcast station and a hospital. The leading man is a doctor of Eastern medicine who runs his own practice. He's someone who thinks of his mother and the heroine before himself. The leading female is a radio PD — she's impatient and clumsy, and also carries some inner pain.

You can read find out more about the drama from dramabeans. I love reading about the latest happening in Korean dramaland from there. Sometimes when i don't have time to watch the drama i'm interested in, i will just read their drama recaps. I just finished watching Bubblegum's last episode and loves its ending. I have really enjoyed following this show and i love the pairing of Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won. I love the simple and touching love story between their characters and also the supporting casts. There is no complicated love triangles or scheming characters. I also like how there are no secrets between the main characters and they are willing to confront their true feelings for each other and work hard to stay together despite all the obstacles. We should have more of such Korean dramas :)

The songs featured in the drama are also really nice and below are some of my favourites.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Toddlers Aged 2-3

I went jogging with J today after some playground time. It is one of our favourite activities whenever he is up early from nap :) We went to Sun Plaza to shop around after exercising as it was still too early for dinner and i found a perfect Christmas gift for toddlers aged 2-3 while at Duyi bookstore :) December is my favourite and happy month. I love Christmas shoppings for my loved ones as its so much fun when you chanced upon the perfect gift.

J loves to read and do jigsaw puzzles and he can manage 30 to 40 pieces puzzles on his own and i have been trying to look for more puzzles for him. I found this cute puzzle box set that comes with a lovely storybook at the Duyi and J immediately started on the puzzles after finishing dinner. The quality of the puzzles are really good and suitable for toddlers. He also loves the storybook and i'm planning to get more as Christmas presents. Do check out Duyi as they have a good selections of toys and books for children at a reasonable price ;) 

Photo 14-12-15, 6 32 43 PM

Photo 14-12-15, 6 32 37 PM

Photo 14-12-15, 9 18 03 PM

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dessert Time at Shop Wonderful

While we were at Haji Lane to get J a new bike, we decided to explore the place and chanced upon a nice cafe "Shop Wonderful" opposite Tokyobike. We had a relaxing time eating its delicious cakes and tasty drinks. We love the decor of the place with all its cheery Christmas decors, warm lightings and flowers. 

Photo 5-12-15, 5 33 54 PM

Photo 5-12-15, 5 26 25 PM

J loves desserts and was happily eating his cake which gives hubby and i some time to just relax and enjoy our tea time :)

Photo 5-12-15, 5 27 48 PM

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Finally Found My Daiso Rice Ball Shaker :)

Photo 13-12-15, 2 54 58 PM

I was at Daiso Sembawang Shopping Centre this morning and finally found the rice ball shaker which i have been searching for months. It is a hot product and always sold out. Was so happy that i can finally let J try to make his own tomato rice ball and meatball. Hopefully he will enjoy cooking with mummy and eat more food. 

Little Tokyobike - The Perfect Christmas Gift for My Little Guy :)

Sorry for the lack of posts as i wanted to spend more time with J before he starts attending preschool in January. We have been going for lot of fun outings to the Zoo, Universal Studios Sentosa, Sea Aquarium, Gardens by the Bay and lot of playground, scooting and cycling time and i have so much to share on my blog about fun activities you can do with your toddlers. Will try to find the time to do so hopefully soon :) 

J loves outdoor activities and i have been wanting to get him a bike to replace his old Radio Flyer tricycle. It was love at first sight when i chanced upon a picture of the Little Tokyobike online few months ago and i have been wanting to get it for J. For those not familiar with the brand, you can find out more from their Facebook

Photo 5-12-15, 4 46 31 PM
J with his beloved new bike :)

Photo 5-12-15, 6 47 34 PM
I could not resist taking more pictures of the bike when we got it home ;)

Tokyobike bicycles are designed in Tokyo - Inspired by Life - Built for City Living. From the lightness and comfort of pedaling to the simplistic design and multitude of colours, Tokyobike envisions its riders exploring their cities, enjoying themselves and taking it slow in today's fast-paced society. After all, life is always about the journey rather than the destination. Read on to find out more about why you should consider getting the Little Tokyobike for your kiddos ;)

Little Tokyobike comes with adjustable training wheels. Height of training wheels is adjustable. Training wheels can be removed.


Little Tokyobike comes with bike stand. So when training wheels are removed, the bike stand can be attached for the bike to stand on it's own. Fully covered chainguard will keep the grease off your little ones and prevent the chain from 'popping off'. Wide cushy saddle for little bum bums. Height of saddle is adjustable from approximately 49-62cm. Suitable for children aged between 3-6 yr old (approximately for height 95-120cm).

Little thick tires will give your little ones a sense of stability, espcially when they are just starting to learn to ride a bike. These hardy tires are also more resistant to punctures and has a better grip. Non-slip anti-scratch pedals ensure that children do not accidentally cut/scratch themselves on the pedals. Non-slip rubber grips paired with slim brake levers make it easier for little hands to control the bike! The shape of the handlebar flows with the natural posture of children, giving them an upright riding posture in atmost comfort.

A built-in handle on the frame makes lifting and carrying the Little Tokyobike a breeze.

Hubby was convinced too that the little Tokyoike is the perfect bike for J after i showed him all the informations about the bike which i have shared above. We brought J to check out the bikes at their store in Haji Lane and ended up bringing the bike home immediately as he was so happy with his new bike and refused to wait for delivery the next week.

Photo 5-12-15, 5 45 25 PM

Photo 5-12-15, 4 38 55 PM
Happy J test riding his new bike

Photo 5-12-15, 4 42 23 PM

Photo 5-12-15, 4 38 12 PM
Nice bicycle bag!

My little guy was so sweet and asked mummy to get the cute pink adult bike so that we can go cycling together :) I told him that mummy will get a bike and cycle with him once he is able to cycle on his own. Motivations for him to practice cycling ;) We also got him some cool accessories from the store and the staffs there were really friendly and helpful and i highly recommend that you check out the store with your kiddos.

(Source: Tokyobike Singapore Facebook)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Dinner Date @ Umi Sushi With My Little Buddy :)

My little buddy loves his kiddy meal at Umi Sushi. He loves Japanese food especially Tamago sushi and can have it for lunch and dinner! We must plan a trip to Japan soon ;)

Photo 15-10-15, 7 21 15 PM

Photo 15-10-15, 7 21 23 PM

Photo 15-10-15, 7 22 27 PM
Yummylicious chicken curry udon for me :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

My Favorite Anti-Aging Skincare Product - SK-II Stempower :)

Photo 10-9-15 8 58 20 am

Sorry for the lack of post recently, I hope everyone had a great long weekend despite the worsening haze. My poor little guy was feeling grouchy from the lack of outdoor activities and recovering from a terrible flu which he also passed to me. Luckily i have lots of interesting DIY activities at home to keep him entertained. I have been wanting to update my blog more frequently and share the home learning activities that i do with my little guy but have been busy watching a very interesting Chinese drama "The Journey of Love" in addition to entertaining my little king of course ;) 

The drama is based on a popular romance novel and i have been reading the novel since the drama ended last week. I love its touching love story and purchased the novel online. I must share more about the drama soon and my recent online shopping purchases! I love online shopping and letting my fingers do all the working hehe :)

It has been quite sometime since i did a post about the skincare products that i love. I still love to read up on the latest skincare products and now that I'm reaching my mid 30s soon, anti-aging skincare products have become an essential part of my skincare routine. My top favourite brand for anti-aging products is definitely SK-II. 

I have been using their award winning and best selling anti-aging cream SK-II Stempower as a night moisturiser for several months and i love that it helps to keep my skin well hydrated. I can't wait to try out other products in the series especially the eye cream as i have been skipping that step since giving birth and busy looking after boy. For those not familiar with SK-II Stempower, it is a rich cream that gives your skin all the benefits it needs. I use it together with my Facial Treatment Essence and I like that it has a light texture and absorbs easily into the skin. It also does not feel greasy. 

Do give it a try if you are looking for a reliable anti-aging cream from a reputable skincare brand and i hope that the haze will go away soon and we can all enjoy the outdoors :)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lovely Dinner @ La Pastificio Sembawang Shopping Centre :)

For those who stays in the north, do check out this newly opened western food restaurant (located at level 1, Sembawang Shopping Centre, next to the entrance) which i tried with my family earlier while out jogging. We love that it has a small play area for kids and my boy enjoyed playing with the Ikea play kitchen and train set while waiting for our order. 

We ordered a kids meal for our boy and the portion was just right and i like that we can choose grilled meat instead of fried which is healthier. Dinner was great and we will definitely be back again :)

Photo 18-7-15 11 13 12 pm

Photo 18-7-15 10 25 23 pm

Photo 18-7-15 10 21 00 pm

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Online Shopping For Lovely Kimono Tops

I was doing some online shopping and saw some lovely kimono tops from Zalora. I find it more convenient to shop online as I'm able to shop in peace when my boy sleeps. The little guy dislikes going shopping unless it is for toys ;) He loves the outdoor and i try to bring him out daily for playdates at the playground or sand play at the beach. 

For those who loves to shop online, do check out the items that caught my attention below. Happy shopping :)

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.40.32 am

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.49.50 am

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.48.49 am

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.38.15 am

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yummy Lunch Date @ Tampopo

I brought my little guy to Orchard today to dine at our favourite Japanese restaurant Tampopo. My little guy is a huge Lego fan and he can spend long period of time on his own playing with his Lego blocks which gives mummy more time to catch up on the endless household chores ;) 

We went to the newly opened Bricks World at Ngee Ann City and the staff there was really helpful and gave me useful informations on which Lego set would be more suitable and is on discount :) My little guy was so pleased with his purchase and insisted on carrying the box on his own. Do check out the store and they have a little area for kids to play with the blocks which my little guy loves. 

Photo 1-7-15 11 03 31 pm

Photo 1-7-15 11 06 31 pm

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yummy Pasta For Dinner :)

It has been a while since i cooked pasta and decided to cook for my boy as he loves eating pasta from Pastamania. Glad that he enjoys eating my home cooked carbonara pasta with broccoli, cheese sausages and apple ham. Happy weekend everyone :)

Photo 27-6-15 10 33 52 pm

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fun Time @ Sembawang Park :)

My little guy has been asking me to bring him to Sembawang Park to play sand several times and i finally brought him there earlier since the weather was bright and sunny. He had a great time running around the park exploring and enjoying the sea breeze with a new doggie friend. It was a pity the boardwalk was under construction and he could not take a nice stroll there. I thought the construction was long completed and its strange that its under construction again. I was so happy to see my little guy enjoying himself and outdoor play is definitely the best for kids :)

Photo 30-5-15 12 07 01 am

Monday, May 25, 2015

First D.I.Y. Home Activity With My Boy :)

Photo 25-5-15 11 37 39 am
You can download the printouts at (

Sorry for the lack of posts recently as i have been busy lately taking care of my boy and cooking for him since he prefers to eat home cooked food nowadays.  He only loves to eat Japanese food when we dine out. The little guy really has a mind of his own and constantly amazes us with the things that he says. 

He was hospitalised for 2 nights recently for bronchitis and the poor boy lost a lot of weight as he did not have much appetite and i'm glad that he has recovered and is his usual happy go lucky self :) We were really thankful that we bought full coverage insurance for him and did not have to pay for his hospital stay at Thomson Medical Centre. We were able to have a comfortable stay there as we got a single room. The first thing that new parents should do is definitely to buy full insurance coverage for your baby. 

Photo 21-4-15 9 14 53 pm

We have also been busy visiting schools as he will be going school next year and have finally found a school that has lot of outdoor activities and will let my boy learn through play. We want him to enjoy his childhood and do not wish to stress him and place him in a place that only focuses on academic. He also likes the school environment and has been telling us that he wants to go to that school. I really hope that he will have fun in school and i'm planning to do more D.I.Y home learning activities with him for the rest of the year. You can find picture of our first D.I.Y. activities above and the theme for the week is his favorite cat.