Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Lunar New Year 2016 :)

Photo 5-2-16, 1 05 13 PM
My dear J having fun at the airport :)

Photo 5-2-16, 12 57 57 PM
J with pretty grandma

Photo 6-2-16, 11 19 53 PM
Yummy dinner with my family, was busy eating and only managed to take pictures of some of the dishes ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Korean Drama - Cheese In The Trap

I'm currently hooked to this interesting romance drama based on a popular webtoon in Korea and i have been also reading the webtoon while waiting for new episodes each week. The drama soundtrack is also on my playlist and i have been listening to it during my ME time when my boy is in school :)

"Cheese In The Trap" shows the delicate relationship between a female university student Hong Seol (Kim Go-eun) and her senior Yoo Jung (Park Hae-jin). Hong-Seol does part-time jobs since her household is poor. Yoo Jung is perfect with good academics and athletics plus he is kind, however he also seems to have a dark side with some people holding grudges against him..

You can read more about the drama here.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Best Comfort Food When Sick

Photo 31-1-16, 4 29 49 PM

J has been down with a fever since Saturday night and i have also been having a bad sore throat and we decided to have something light for lunch :)