Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Love Shopping Online For Lovemore Masks From Secretive.SG :)

One of my favorite sheet masks are the masks from popular Taiwanese brand Lovemore and i have been using them at least once a week since i did a review on the masks previously. I love that Lovemore masks are really affordable and helps to soothe and hydrate my skin without irritating it :) 

I recently learnt about their new range of masks online which is made from 100% natural silk sheet and have gotten good reviews from some of my favorite beauty bloggers. I was interested in trying out its Loofah and Aloe Vera masks which is supposed to be really hydrating for our skin and ended up ordering some from its online store 3 weeks ago as i could not find them at the Watsons stores. 

Photo 29-10-12 5 36 32 PM

I also ordered Mountain Tea, Pearl Barley & Milk and Wine Yeast masks from the same range and Aqua Damascus Rose & Arbutin Whitening masks and received my order in 4 days via normal postage :)

Photo 29-10-12 5 36 47 PM

I have already tried the Loofah and Aloe Vera Mask last weekend and love that the mask feels really comfortable and soothing on my skin. It does not irritate my skin and i love that my skin feels hydrated and smooth after i removed it 20 minutes later. I also love its light and pleasant scent and would definitely repurchase it again. I can't wait to try out the other masks which i bought soon :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

7 Things You Should Know about Chinese Wolfberries

I found this useful article online from Eu Yan Sang for those who love snacking on healthy Wolfberries like me :)


You may have seen or even eaten Chinese Wolfberries, but how much do you know about them? With a flavour described as “sweet liquorice”, the Chinese Wolfberry (gouqi or goji berry) has reached superfood status. Here are 7 things you should know about this nutrient-packed fruit.

1. The Chinese Wolfberry is one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits around.
For instance, Chinese Wolfberries are supposed to contain more beta-carotene, a type of antioxidant, than carrots. Antioxidants may have anti-aging and cancer-fighting effects.
2. Chinese Wolfberries are believed to be good for vision.
Chinese Wolfberries are used in TCM remedies to improve eyesight. See recipe for Bright Cassia-Shouwu Tea. Inspired by the traditional use of these berries, scientists are studying the fruit and its potential to lower retina damage from type-2 diabetes.
3. Chinese Wolfberries are grown on vines in Mongolia, Tibet and Ningxia, China.
Often cultivated in valleys, Chinese Wolfberry plants can grow up to 3m tall. The Ningxia region is said to produce the best Chinese Wolfberries in the world.
4. Chinese Wolfberries are traditionally used for the skin.
In TCM, the berries are believed to promote youthful-looking skin by nourishing yin and improving blood production.
5. If you take blood thinners, Chinese Wolfberries may not be for you.
While the berries are generally safe in moderation, studies have suggested that the berries may interact with blood thinning medication such as warfarin.
6. Chinese Wolfberries are thought to strengthen the Liver and Kidneys.
In TCM, the berries are used to reinforce the Liver, invigorate the Kidneys and replenish vital essence, orjing.
7. Chinese Wolfberries can be cooked, turned into wine or eaten raw.
In Chinese cuisine and medicine, the berries are used in numerous dishes such as porridge, meat and vegetable dishes, soups and teas. In the West they are often eaten in their dried, uncooked form.
In the mood for a satisfying meal that uses Chinese Wolfberries? See recipe for Lotus and Ginseng with Black-Boned Chicken, which promotes Kidney health.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lunch Buffet @ Cafe Swiss

On the first day of our staycation at Fairmont Hotel, we decided to try the lunch buffet at Cafe Swiss located at Swissotel The Stamford since it was offering a 1 for 1 deal and it has been several years since we dine there. However the buffet spread was really limited and even with the 1 for 1 deal we feel that it was not really value for money and would not make a repeat visit. We had expected more variety for lunch buffet and was left disappointed although the service staffs were friendly and provided prompt services and we enjoyed the relaxing and relatively quiet environment. Hopefully the restaurant can make improvements to their buffet spread in the near future.

Photo 21-10-12 12 19 56 PM

Photo 21-10-12 12 24 11 PM

Photo 21-10-12 12 25 51 PM

Photo 21-10-12 12 24 32 PM

Photo 21-10-12 12 25 12 PM

Photo 21-10-12 12 23 15 PM

Photo 21-10-12 12 21 16 PM

Photo 21-10-12 12 22 35 PM

Photo 21-10-12 12 23 41 PM

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lovely Staycation @ Fairmont Hotel & Happy News To Share :)

Photo 17-10-12 1 42 02 PM

Hubby and i spent 2 nights at Fairmont Hotel last week and we decided to go back to the hotel after having a lovely staycation there last year to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We were initially thinking of going for an overseas trip and considering Hong Kong Disneyland after seeing the lovely pictures from one of my favorite beauty blogger ParisB. It has been 2 years since our last trip to Tokyo Disneyland and i have been hopping to go back again soon for more Disney fun and magic.

Pictures taken during our 2010 trip to Tokyo Disneyland :))

However we decided to opt for local hotel stay instead as i'm currently 4 months+ pregnant and we decided it would be better to play safe and avoid traveling overseas :) We will plan another Disneyland trip when our little one is bigger so that he/she can share mummy's love for the magical Disneyland experience. We will only know baby's gender next month during the detailed scan and i'm so excited and can't wait to start shopping for all those cute baby clothes and items!!! I have been getting alot of useful baby tips from friends and feel so lucky that i have so many friends who are mummies and i can turn to them for advice. Thank God my morning sickness stopped at 3 months (reason why i have been reducing my blog posts) and it was so funny as i had gone karaoke with my best friend and i stopped vomiting since that night. I was joking with her that my baby must really love her singing or is scare of her voice hahahaa and decided to spare mummy :)

I'm hoping for a girl so that i can dress her up and i could not resist getting this really cute Minnie Mouse top during Fox's sales last week. However i'm also happy to have a baby boy as i already feel so happy and blessed to have this baby and can't wait for next year to come soon so that i can see our baby. Hubby and i just hope that our baby will be a healthy and happy baby. I can always give the Minnie Mouse top to my best friend who is expecting a baby girl and her due date is earlier than me by a month. I feel really lucky to have a buddy who is expecting at the same time as me and we have been having alot of fun shopping together for maternity wear, eating lot of extra meals while comparing our weight gain heehee ;) 

Photo 17-10-12 2 39 21 PM

Back to our staycation, we were lucky to get a city view room this time and i love the beautiful city view especially at night. We spent our time feasting away and relaxing by the pool side. I have stopped jogging since i'm pregnant and have been trying to swim once a week to keep fit and its time i start getting 're-acquainted' with my OTO exercise bike too ;)

Photo 17-10-12 1 45 55 PM

Photo 17-10-12 1 43 20 PM

Photo 17-10-12 1 42 48 PM

Photo 17-10-12 1 46 14 PM

Photo 17-10-12 1 47 31 PM

Photo 17-10-12 1 45 30 PM
My favorite corner to catch up on my readings and relax with a good book :)

Photo 17-10-12 1 44 28 PM

Photo 17-10-12 1 44 00 PM

Photo 17-10-12 1 44 57 PM

I would share more of our dining pictures in my subsequent posts and i highly recommend the Fairmont Hotel for those who are considering a staycation as i love it big and cozy room and friendly service staff. There are also various dinning options at Raffles City for those who are too lazy to go far like me for a meal.

Yummy Taiwanese Snacks For Tea Break @ Eat At Taipei - Jcube :)

Photo 10-10-12 7 38 09 PM

Photo 10-10-12 7 38 30 PM

Photo 10-10-12 4 04 41 PM
Oolong Milk Tea
Photo 10-10-12 4 03 39 PM
Taiwanese Fried Bean Curd
Photo 10-10-12 4 03 13 PM
Vermicelli with Oysters & Pig's Intestine

Photo 10-10-12 4 02 44 PM
Jiu Feng Taro Balls

Photo 10-10-12 4 06 10 PM
Spring Onion Pancake

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ku Hye Sun - Marry Me MV

Actress Ku Hye Sun transforms into a singer and released her digital single on Oct. 15th. The love song "Marry Me" is a song of her own composition that expresses an honest feelings of love towards someone. A really lovely song to start the week :)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

華人星光大道2012 - 劉沛VS張礎安 "Moves Like Jagger"

I'm a huge fan of popular Taiwan singing contest <華人星光大道> and am hooked to its second season which is currently showing every Sunday nights 8pm on Starhub Cable TV - Channel 825 :) There are several contestants that have caught my attention and impress me with their performances and lovely vocals and one of my top favorite is Elise 張礎安. I love her performance each week especially the tap dance performance. Another contestant i like is 劉沛 and he always seems really relaxed and enjoying himself when singing. I love their lovely duet performance and have included the Youtube video below to share with fellow fans of the show: